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Το YOLO είναι ακρωνύμιο της αγγλικής φράσης "You Only Live Once". Είναι μια έκκληση να ζήσει κανείς τη ζωή στο μέγιστο βαθμό, ακόμα και να υιοθετήσει συμπεριφορά που φέρει εγγενή κίνδυνο.
Ejemplos de uso de YOLO
1. The lawsuit filed Wednesday in Yolo County by 42 plaintiffs seeks unspecified damages.
2. The charges were filed Friday in Yolo County Superior Court against 18–year–old Mark Christopher Woods.
3. Officials lifted an evacuation order for more than 100 residents near Zamora, said Mike Chandler, acting fire coordinator in Yolo County.
4. Nebraska officials say the boy from California‘s Yolo County was driven to Nebraska‘s Kimball County Hospital on Friday by his mother.
5. Also, a 73–year–old woman died in Yolo County after passing out in a car without air conditioning and a woman collapsed and died while walking from her home to a drugstore not far from Death Valley National Park, where temperatures hit 125 degrees Sunday.