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  • Λογότυπα 1962–2001
Η Δεύτερη Γερμανική Τηλεόραση (γερ.: Zweites Deutsches Fernsehen, ) γνωστή ως ZDF είναι γερμανικός δημόσιος τηλεοπτικός οργανισμός με έδρα το Μάιντς του κρατιδίου της Ρηνανίας-Παλατινάτου.
Ejemplos de uso de ZDF
1. We will take the appropriate steps against the other two," he told ZDF public television.
2. One German Tour broadcaster, ZDF, said they now may no longer cover the race.
3. At recent industry fest IBC in Amsterdam, Robert Amlung, head of technology at German broadcaster ZDF, said its programme to encourage viewers to upload photos and videos to the ZDF website had proved a success, and was clear on rights.
4. "We will now resume services track by track," Deutsche Bahn spokesman Volker Knauer told ZDF television.
5. "I remain convinced that this is a safe travel technology," he told broadcaster ZDF.