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Το Zathura είναι ένα εικονογραφημένο παιδικό βιβλίο από τον Αμερικανό συγγραφέα Chris Van Allsburg καθώς και τον τίτλο μιας ταινίας του 2005 που βασίζεται στο βιβλίο. Δύο αγόρια μπαίνουν σε μια διαγαλαξιακή περιπέτεια όταν το σπίτι τους πετάγεται μαγικά στο διάστημα.
Ejemplos de uso de Zathura
1. Debuting in second place was the sci–fi fantasy "Zathura: A Space Adventure," which grossed $14 million, according to studio estimates Sunday.
2. Jennifer Anniston‘s thriller "Derailed" ranked fourth with $6.5 million and the sci–fi fantasy "Zathura: A Space Adventure" rounded out the top five with $5.1 million.
3. Smith (PG–13) C+ Rent (PG–13) C+ Robots (PG) C+ Shopgirl (R) C+ Tim Burton‘s Corpse Bride (PG) C+ War of the Worlds (PG–13) C+ Zathura (PG) C+ Aeon Flux (PG–13) C
4. "This proves that our animation team, with their commitment and resilience, can deliver." "Zathura," adapted from the children‘s book, follows the adventures of two brothers hurled into space by a mysterious board game.
5. Distributor Sony hopes "Zathura" can hang on to a good share of the family audience through Thanksgiving, despite "Chicken Little" and "Harry Potter." "History proves there‘s room for several of these family–type films.