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Zahlenreihe - traducción al Inglés

n. numerical sequence, series of numbers
adj. die letzte in einer Zahlenreihe
Fibonacci numbers         
  • [[Yellow chamomile]] head showing the arrangement in 21 (blue) and 13 (cyan) spirals. Such arrangements involving consecutive Fibonacci numbers appear in a wide variety of plants.
  • In a growing idealized population, the number of rabbit pairs form the Fibonacci sequence. At ''the end of the n''th month, the number of pairs is equal to ''F<sub>n.</sub>''
  • Thirteen (''F''<sub>7</sub>) ways of arranging long and short syllables in a cadence of length six. Eight (''F''<sub>6</sub>) end with a short syllable and five (''F''<sub>5</sub>) end with a long syllable.
  • The Fibonacci spiral: an approximation of the [[golden spiral]] created by drawing [[circular arc]]s connecting the opposite corners of squares in the Fibonacci tiling; (see preceding image)
  • Balance factor]]s green; heights red.<br />The keys in the left spine are Fibonacci numbers.
  • {1,&thinsp;2}-restricted}} compositions
  • Successive tilings of the plane and a graph of approximations to the golden ratio calculated by dividing each Fibonacci number by the previous
  • Biblioteca Nazionale di Firenze]] showing (in box on right) 13 entries of the Fibonacci sequence:<br /> the indices from present to XII (months) as Latin ordinals and Roman numerals and the numbers (of rabbit pairs) as Hindu-Arabic numerals starting with 1, 2, 3, 5 and ending with 377.
  • The Fibonacci numbers are the sums of the "shallow" diagonals (shown in red) of [[Pascal's triangle]].
  • ''n'' {{=}} 1 ... 500}}
  • The number of possible ancestors on the X chromosome inheritance line at a given ancestral generation follows the Fibonacci sequence. (After Hutchison, L. "Growing the Family Tree: The Power of DNA in Reconstructing Family Relationships".<ref name="xcs"/>)
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Unendliche Zahlenreihen in denen jede Nummer die Summe der zwei vorhergehenden ist und die erste Zahl 0 oder 1 ist (benannt nach einem italienische Mathematiker)
Ejemplos de uso de Zahlenreihe
1. Beeindruckende Zahlenreihe zum Abschied In der Rückschau wirkt dies beinahe wie ein ungewollte versteckte Vorhersage.