Zahlenspeicherung - traducción al Inglés
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Zahlenspeicherung - traducción al Inglés

n. storage of numbers
floating point representation         
  • Single-precision floating-point numbers on a [[number line]]: the green lines mark representable values.
  • none
  • signs]] of representable values
  • Z3]] computer, which uses a 22-bit binary floating-point representation
  • [[Leonardo Torres y Quevedo]], who proposed a form of floating point in 1914
  • Fig. 1: resistances in parallel, with total resistance <math>R_{tot}</math>
Floating-point; Floating-point number; Floating point number; Hidden bit; Floating point type; Floating point numbers; Floating point arithmetic; Floating-point error; Floating point value; Numeric (data type); Floating point error; Floating-point math; Float (computing); Floating point exception; Floating-Point; Finite precision arithmetics; Floating-point numbers; Floating decimal point; Floating point format; Floating-point format; Floating point representation; Floating-point representation; Floating-point arithmetics; Floating point arithmetics; Floating point; Binary floating point; Assumed bit; Implicit bit; Assumed bit (floating point); Hidden bit (floating point); Implicit bit (floating point); Leading bit (floating point); Implicit leading bit (floating point); Implicit leading bit; Implicit leading bit convention; Assumed bit convention; Leading bit convention; Implicit bit convention; Hidden bit convention; Hidden bit rule; Implicit bit rule; Implicit leading bit rule; Assumed bit rule; Leading bit rule; Binary floating-point; Octal floating point; Octal floating-point; Binary floating-point arithmetic; Binary floating-point number; Octal floating-point number; Octal floating-point arithmetic; Base 2 floating point; Base-2 floating point; Radix-2 floating point; Radix 2 floating point; Base 8 floating point; Base-8 floating point; Radix-8 floating point; Radix 8 floating point; Binary512; Radix 65536 floating point; Radix-65536 floating point; Base 65536 floating point; Base-65536 floating point; Base-256 floating point; Quaternary floating point; Base 256 floating point; Radix 256 floating point; Radix-256 floating point; Base 4 floating point; Base-4 floating point; Radix 4 floating point; Radix-4 floating point; Binary floating point number; Representable floating-point number; Fast math; Floating point math; Binary floating-point number system; Binary floating point number system; Binary floating point numbering system; Binary floating-point numbering system
Darstellung durch Fließkomma (Art der Zahlenspeicherung im Computer)