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Smith (crater); Smith (disambiguation); Smith (film); Smith (occupation); SMITH

Def: Sufijo.
* blacksmith = herrero
* goldsmith = orfebre
* locksmith = cerrajero
* silversmith = platería, orfebrería, orfebre, platero
Adam Smith         
  • alt=A brown building
  • Statue of Smith built in 1867–1870 at the old headquarters of the [[University of London]], [[6 Burlington Gardens]]
  • alt=A drawing of a man standing up, with one hand holding a cane and the other pointing at a book
  • Portrait of Smith's mother, Margaret Douglas
  • alt=A burial
  • alt=A brown building
  • A statue of Smith in [[Edinburgh]]'s High Street, erected through private donations organised by the Adam Smith Institute
  • alt=Philosopher David Hume, painting
  • alt=A drawing of a man sitting down
  • alt=A plaque of Smith
  • 1922 printing of ''An Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations''
  • alt=An enamel paste medallion, depicting a man's head facing the right
  • alt=The first page of a book
Vile maxim; Adam smith; A Smith; Smith, Adam; Smith, Adam, 1723-1790; Religious views of Adam Smith
Adam Smith (1789 -1790), filosofo, economista político escoces (uno de los patrocinadores del mercado libre)


Síndrome de AASE-SMITH
una malformación congénita caracterizada por anemia hipoplásica y trifalangia de los pulgares. Otras características son hidrocéfalo con anormalidad de Dandy-Walker, fisura palatina y contracturas de las articulaciones. Se presenta en varones. Algunos autores lo consideran idéntico al síndrome de Diamond-Blackfan

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Ejemplos de uso de -smith
1. The fact is that citizen Smith is right while Home Secretary Smith is wrong.
2. Tracy Smith and her daughter, Lily Smith, were among those killed, Olson said.
3. Then Will Smith, with wife Jada Pinkett Smith, pitched up with an entourage.
4. They are people like Sarah Waters, Zadie Smith, Ali Smith, Monica Ali and Julie Myerson.
5. Jayden‘s rise could be attributed to Jaden(corr) Smith, son of movie star Will Smith.