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4 (four) - traducción al Inglés

Four (disambiguation); Four; 4 (film); 4 (album); Four (album); Four (film); 4 (EP)

4 (four)      
(n.) = 4 (cuatro)
Ex: Data base management systems can be used to provide complicated logical arrangements of data and they are discussed in Chapter 4.
* 4th (fourth) = 4º (cuarto)
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Número 4; 4 (número); Numero 4; 4 (numero); Tetra (prefijo); 2²
n. four, number 4
  • The 1893 Diplock Steam Locomotive was the world's first 4WD land vehicle.
  • The 1903 Spyker 60-HP was the world's first 4WD that was directly powered by an internal combustion engine, and the first 4WD race-car.
  • A 1981 AMC Eagle AWD convertible
  • Eagle]] wagon, the most popular model in the line
  • Selection lever: All-time 4WD, neutral, and part-time low-range 4WD
  • Center transfer case sending power from the transmission to the rear axle (right) and front axle (left)
  • The 1936–1944 Kurogane Type 95 scout car (Japan)
  • A first-generation Dodge Power Wagon
  • To prevent slippage, some vehicles have controls for independently locking center, front, and rear differentials
  • Case]] [[backhoe loader]] with 4WD
  • The 1940–1945 Willys U.S. Jeep
  • 1940 GAZ-64 jeep-like car (Russia)
  • The [[HMMWV]] is a 4WD/AWD that powers all wheels evenly (continuously) via a manually lockable center differential, with [[Torsen]] differentials for both front and rear
  • The Jeffery / Nash Quads were the first 4WD vehicles produced in five-figure numbers (1913–1928).
  • 1969 [[Jensen FF]], world's first 4WD in a production GT sports car
  • The [[Lamborghini Murciélago]] is an AWD that powers the front via a [[viscous coupling unit]] if the rear slips
  • The Lohner–Porsche Mixte Hybrid was both the world's first [[hybrid vehicle]], and the first four-wheel drive without a steam engine.
  • Selection lever: 2H for two-wheel drive, 4H for high-range 4WD, 4L for low-range 4WD, and N for neutral
  • A 1945 Willys CJ-2A Jeep
  • phaeton]] (Russia)
4wd; 4 wheel drive; Four-wheel-drive; 4WD; 4x4; 4×4; Four wheel drives; Four wheel drive; Four by four; Four-by-four; 4 by 4; 4 x 4; I-Trac; Mitsubishi MATT; Four by fours; 4-wheel drive; 4 wheel drive vehicle; 4x4 vehicles; Permanent four-wheel drive; HTRAC; 4WDi-Four; Permanent all-wheel drive; I-Four; 4 Wheel Drive; 4 Wheel Drive (song); 4*4; 4X4; 4×4 vehicle
cuatro por cuatro (nombre de vehículo con impulso delantero)


cuatro (del lat. "quattuor")
1 adj., pron. y n. m. Número cardinal equivalente a tres más uno. En la numeración arábiga se representa por "4" y en la romana por "IV". adj. Puede usarse como ordinal: "Tú eres el cuatro en la lista". Raíz culta, "tetra-": "tetrada, tetraedro". Formas afijas, "cuadr-, cuatri-": "cuadrienal, cuatrienal". Cuarto. Mano, tute. *Número. (inf.) adj. Aplicado a ciertas cosas, expresa una cantidad pequeña de ellas: "Con esos cuatro pelos no te puedes hacer un moño. Cayeron cuatro gotas. Vinieron cuatro gatos a clase".
2 (ant.) m. Hombre que tenía la voz o el voto de cuatro personas. *Representar.
3 Composición musical que se canta a cuatro voces. Cuarteto.
4 (P. Rico, Ven.) *Guitarrilla de cuatro cuerdas.
5 En el juego de *bolos de la chirinola, bolo que se pone separado de los otros nueve.
6 Cuadro que se hace en el centro, en el juego de la *rayuela.
V. "cuatro cosas, por los cuatro costados, cuatro cuartos, cuatro dedos, cuatro días, las cuatro esquinas, cuatro gatos, cuatro gotas, cuatro letras".
Más de cuatro. *Muchos; en frases como "más de cuatro te envidiarán". Más de uno.
V. "cuatro ojos, más ven cuatro ojos que dos, entre cuatro paredes, a cuatro patas, cuatro perras, a cuatro pies, pegar cuatro tiros, a los cuatro vientos".


4 (disambiguation)

4 is a number, numeral, and digit.

4 or four may also refer to:

Ejemplos de pronunciación para 4 (four)
1. Audience member 4: Four. HG: Four.
Ejemplos de uso de 4 (four)
1. Of Wal–Mart‘s 10 top suppliers in 1''4, four have filed bankruptcies.
2. It was only in 1''4, four years after Germany was reunited, that reconstruction began.
3. The company‘s flagship store in San Francisco had sold out of the eight–gigabyte, $5'' model by Saturday but still had $4'', four–gigabyte versions.
4. In 2003–4 (four) people died and 21 were seriously injured, compared with five deaths and 14 serious injuries a year earlier.
5. Since 1''4, four other airliners have crashed in the city, which is an important hub on the Trans–Siberian route.