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4th (fourth) - traducción al Inglés

4th (fourth)      
(n.) = 4º (cuarto)
Ex: It describes the project, which aimed to introduce all 4th graders to artists and writers at the library, as to enable them to create slogans and posters about books and reading which were then judged and exhibited.
4 (four)      
(n.) = 4 (cuatro)
Ex: Data base management systems can be used to provide complicated logical arrangements of data and they are discussed in Chapter 4.
* 4th (fourth) = 4º (cuarto)
fourth (4th)      
= cuarto (4º)
Ex: Further post-co-ordinate indexes covering in excess of 9999 documents can be compiled by starting a second and possibly a third or fourth set of cards.
* a fourth of = una cuarta parte de
* fourth grader = alumno de cuarto curso, alumno de cuarto año, alumno de cuarto grado, alumno de cuarto
* Fourth of July, the = cuatro de julio, el
* one fourth (1/4) = una cuarta parte, un cuarto, 1/4
* three-fourths (3/4) = tres cuartos (3/4)
Ejemplos de uso de 4th (fourth)
1. He said that first meeting would be held in Turbat on 1st December, second in Hushab on 3rd , third in Panjgur on 4th, fourth in Baseema on 5th, sixth at Naal on 6th, seventh at Khuzdar on 7th, eighth at Surab on 8th, ninth at Kalat on 'th, tenth at Mastung on 10th and last one in Quetta on 11th December.