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A-bomb - traducción al español

Atomic bomb; Atom Bomb; Nuclear Weapon; Nuclear weapons; A-bomb; Fission bomb; Fusion bomb; Atom bomb; Atomic weapon; Atom bombs; Nucular weapon; Effects of a nuclear weapon; Nuclear warhead; Nuclear arms; A-Bomb; Nuclear bomb; Nuclear power weapon; Nuclear warheads; Nuclear bombs; Nuclear bombing; Atomic weapons; Atomic Bomb; Nuclear Weapons; A-bombs; First nuclear fission bomb; A bomb; Atomic bombs; Atomic bombing; Nuclear device; Nuclear Weaponry; Nuclear Bomb; Nuclear weaponry; Nuclear Missle; Nuclear Arms; Fusion Bomb; Abomb; Nucular bombs; A-Bombs; Super nuke; Nukuler bomb; Atombomb; The Atomic Bomb; Super Bomb; N-Bomb; N Bomb; NBomb; Nuclear-weapon; Nuclear-warhead; Atomic warhead; Neuclear bomb; Nuclear devices; Nuclear-tipped missile; Superbomb; Nuclear war weapon; Nuclear ordnance; Nuclear fission weapon; Plutonium bomb; Atom bombe; Nuclear arms control; Unclear weapon; Nuclear weapons delivery systems maintenance; Nuclear weapons maintenance; Nuclear weapons delivery system maintenance; Nuclear weapon maintenance; Nuclear weapon delivery system maintenance
  • Anti-nuclear weapons]] protest march in Oxford, 1980
  • commercial launch]] of the Russian [[Strategic Rocket Forces]] R-36 [[ICBM]]; also known by the NATO reporting name: [[SS-18 Satan]]. Upon its first fielding in the late 1960s, the SS-18 remains the single highest [[throw weight]] missile delivery system ever built.
  • [[Edward Teller]], often referred to as the "father of the hydrogen bomb"
  • Demonstration against nuclear testing in [[Lyon]], France, in the 1980s.
  • Nagasaki]], Japan. They were large and could only be delivered by [[heavy bomber]] aircraft
  • fission]] weapon designs
  • The [[International Atomic Energy Agency]] was created in 1957 to encourage peaceful development of nuclear technology while providing international safeguards against nuclear proliferation.
  • [[Robert Oppenheimer]], principal leader of the [[Manhattan Project]], often referred to as the "father of the atomic bomb".
  • Protest in Bonn against the [[nuclear arms race]] between the U.S./NATO and the Warsaw Pact, 1981
  • This view of downtown [[Las Vegas]] shows a [[mushroom cloud]] in the background. Scenes such as this were typical during the 1950s. From 1951 to 1962 the government conducted 100 atmospheric tests at the nearby [[Nevada Test Site]].
  • Over 2,000 nuclear tests have been conducted in over a dozen different sites around the world. Red Russia/Soviet Union, blue France, light blue United States, violet Britain, yellow China, orange India, brown Pakistan, green North Korea and light green (territories exposed to nuclear bombs). The Black dot indicates the location of the [[Vela incident]].
  • Ukrainian]] workers use equipment provided by the U.S. [[Defense Threat Reduction Agency]] to dismantle a Soviet-era missile silo. After the end of the Cold War, Ukraine and the other non-Russian, post-Soviet republics relinquished Soviet nuclear stockpiles to Russia.
  • A photograph of [[Sumiteru Taniguchi]]'s back injuries taken in January 1946 by a U.S. Marine photographer
  • The basics of the [[Teller–Ulam design]] for a hydrogen bomb: a fission bomb uses radiation to compress and heat a separate section of fusion fuel.
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  • terminal]], or re-entry phase, of the [[multiple independently targetable reentry vehicle]]s
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  • The [[USSR]] and United States nuclear weapon stockpiles throughout the [[Cold War]] until 2015, with a precipitous drop in total numbers following the end of the Cold War in 1991.
  • heavier lift]] Russian [[SS-18 Satan]], could contain up to ten nuclear warheads (shown in red), each of which could be aimed at a different target. A factor in the development of [[MIRV]]s was to make complete [[missile defense]] difficult for an enemy country.
  • Large stockpile with global range (dark blue), smaller stockpile with global range (medium blue), small stockpile with regional range (light blue).

Bomba atómica
bomba atómica
aerial bomb         
  • Grand Slam]]" [[earthquake bomb]]
First air-dropped bomb; First Air-dropped bomb; Air-dropped bomb; High explosive bomb; Aerial bombs; Aircraft bomb
bomba de aire


pret-a-porter (fr.; pronunc. [préta portér]) adj. y n. m. Se aplica a la ropa que se hace en serie según unas tallas fijadas de antemano.


Nuclear weapon

A nuclear weapon is an explosive device that derives its destructive force from nuclear reactions, either fission (fission bomb) or a combination of fission and fusion reactions (thermonuclear bomb), producing a nuclear explosion. Both bomb types release large quantities of energy from relatively small amounts of matter.

The first test of a fission ("atomic") bomb released an amount of energy approximately equal to 20,000 tons of TNT (84 TJ). The first thermonuclear ("hydrogen") bomb test released energy approximately equal to 10 million tons of TNT (42 PJ). Nuclear bombs have had yields between 10 tons TNT (the W54) and 50 megatons for the Tsar Bomba (see TNT equivalent). A thermonuclear weapon weighing as little as 600 pounds (270 kg) can release energy equal to more than 1.2 megatonnes of TNT (5.0 PJ).

A nuclear device no larger than a conventional bomb can devastate an entire city by blast, fire, and radiation. Since they are weapons of mass destruction, the proliferation of nuclear weapons is a focus of international relations policy. Nuclear weapons have been deployed twice in war, by the United States against the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945 during World War II.

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1. It's a bomb.
The Matrix Reloaded (2003)
2. A gun, a bomb
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3. Making a bomb!
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4. but test a bomb.
5. can build a bomb.
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Ejemplos de uso de A-bomb
1. It sounded like a bomb hit or a bomb went off, just like '/11.
2. Suspected rebels detonated a bomb at a power transformer in a Colombo suburb early Wednesday, and a bomb at a second transformer was found late Tuesday, Nanayakkara said.
3. A bomb squad safely opened the bag Friday, Spangler said.
4. Petersburg was caused by a bomb, Russian authorities said Tuesday.
5. When police arrived, they found a bomb in the closet.