ADI (American Documentation Institute) - traducción al Inglés
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ADI (American Documentation Institute) - traducción al Inglés

Arab-American Institute; American Arab Institute

ADI (American Documentation Institute)      
= Instituto Americano de Documentación (ADI)
Ex: At the height of this burgeoning interest in new methods of documentary reproduction, the American Documentation Institute (ADI) was organized.
American (automobile); American people (disambiguation); American (disambiguation); American (song); Americans (disambiguation); Amercian; Murican
(n.) = americano

Def: Nombre o Adjetivo.
Ex: Under "American Scholar" he found editions published beginning, I believe, in the 1880s.
* AACR1 (Anglo-American Cataloguing Rules 1st Edition) = RCAA1 (1ª Edición de las Reglas de Catalogación Anglo-Americanas)
* AACR2 (Anglo-American Cataloguing Rules 2nd Edition) = RCAA2 (2ª Edición de las Reglas de Catalogación Anglo-Americanas)
* AACR (Anglo-American Cataloguing Rules) = RCAA (Reglas de Catalogación Anglo-Americanas)
* AAM (American Association of Museums) = AAM (Asociación Americana de Museos)
* African-American = afroamericano
* Afro-American = afroamericano
* AIBDA (Inter-American Association of Agricultural Librarians and Information = AIBDA (Asociación Interamericana de Bibliotecarios y Documentalistas de Agricultura)
* American Association of Publishers (AAP) = Asociación Americana de Editores
* American-based = con sede en América
* American-built = hecho en América
* American Documentation Institute (ADI) = Instituto Americano de Documentación (ADI)
* American Dream, the = Sueño Americano, el
* American Indian = indio americano, indio nativo americano
* American Indian materials = fondos indioamericanos
* American Library Association (ALA) = ALA (Asociación Americana de Bibliotecarios)
* American literature = literatura americana
* American midwest, the = región central de los Estados Unidos, la
* American-published = publicado en América
* American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers (ASCAP) = Sociedad Americana de Compositores, Autores y Editores
* Anglo-American = angloamericano
* Anglo-American code (AA) = Reglas Anglo-americanas
* ANSI (American National Standards Institute) = ANSI (Instituto Nacional American para la Normalización)
* ARBA (American Reference Books Annual) = ARBA (Anuario de Obras de Referencia Americanas)
* ASCII (American Standard Code for Information Interchange) = ASCII (Código Normalizado Americano para el Intercambio de Información)
* Asian American = asiático americano, americano de origen asiático
* Chinese-American = chinoamericano
* Ibero-American = iberoamericano
* Italian American = italoamericano
* Japanese-American = japonés americano
* Latin American = latinoamericano
* Mexican American = mejicano americano, americano de origen mejicano
* Native American = indio nativo americano
* NISTF (Society of American Archivists National Information Systems Task Forc = NISTF (Grupo de Trabajo sobre los Sistemas Nacionales de Información de la Asociación de Archiveros Americanos)
* North American = norteamericano
* PAHO (Pan American Health Organization) = PAHO (Organización panamericana de la salud)
* Society of American Archivists = Sociedad de Archiveros Americanos
* Society of American Archivists (SAA) = Asociación de Archiveros Americanos (SAA)
* South American = sudamericano, suramericano
* Spanish American = hispanoamericano, iberoamericano
* Spanish-American War, the = Guerra entre España y los Estados Unidos, la
Weizmann Institute of Science         
  • [[Chaim Weizmann]] (1874-1952), first president of the [[State of Israel]] and founder of the institute
  • Weizmann residence]], designed by [[Erich Mendelsohn]]
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Weizmann Institute; Koffler Accelerator; Weizman Institute; Weitzman Institute; Weitzmann Institute; Machon Weizmann; Weizman Institute of Science; Bessie F. Lawrence International Summer Science Institute; Clore Garden
el Instituto de Waitzman (instituto israelí científico que forma parte del homenaje a Haim Waitzman)


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Arab American Institute

The Arab American Institute (AAI) is a non-profit membership organization that advocates for the interests of Arab-Americans. Founded in 1985 by James Zogby, the brother of pollster John Zogby, the organization is based in Washington, D.C.

The organization seeks to increase the visibility of Arab-American involvement and candidates in the American political system. It issues "Action Alerts" to its members much like the Anti-defamation League when issues of particular concern arise. According to its website the organization develops policy initiatives much in the manner of a think tank and encourages its members to contact Members of Congress.