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ATF$500959$ - traducción al español


Avión avanzado de batalla táctica (este apodo viene del nombre original del F-22)
jet fuel         
  • A [[US Airways]] [[Boeing 757]] being fueled at [[Fort Lauderdale–Hollywood International Airport]]
  • Iberia]] [[Airbus A340]] being fueled at [[La Aurora International Airport]]
  • Jet fuel vs oil prices
  • UN1863]] hazardous material and JET A-1.
  • A sailor inspects a sample of JP-5 jet fuel aboard an amphibious transport dock ship
Jet A-1; JP-1; JET A; Jet-A; Jet A1; Jet B; Jet A; Kerosene-type jet fuel; Kerosene type jet fuel; Kerosene jet fuel; JP-5; JP-6; Jet-A1; Jet-B; JP-2; JP-3; AVCAT; Avcat; Naphtha-type jet fuel; Jp-2; A1 jet fuel; AVTUR; Jetfuel; Tecbio; Avtur; Future Fuels Aviation Summit; JP5; Jet-A fuel; Jp 54; JET-A; Jet fuels; Aviation turbine fuel; Jet A fuel; Synthetic jet fuel; Jet kerosene; Assured Fuel Initiative
Combustible por reacción , Combustible a chorro


Accelerator Test Facility (Japan)

The Accelerator Test Facility (KEK-ATF) is a test accelerator in the KEK laboratory in Tsukuba, Japan. It is a test bed for production of the beam for the proposed International Linear Collider (ILC) linear electron-positron collider. Its main goal is to create the super-low-emittance beam which is needed for the ILC.