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Aberdeen - traducción al Inglés

Aberdeen, Scotland; Scotland Aberdeen; Aberdonian; Aberdeen Scotland; UN/LOCODE:GBABD; Aiberdeen; City of Aberdeen council area; Aberdeen City council area; Mile-End School; Skene Square Primary School; Retail in Aberdeen; Aberdeen city; Burgh of Aberdeen; City of Aberdeen (local government district, Grampian region); City of Aberdeen (council area); Aberdeen City (council area); Aberdeen (district); Kingsford Primary School; Obar Dheathain; Aberdeen (Scotland); City of Aberdeen, Scotland; Aberdeen City Police; Aberdeen (Scottish city); ABERDEEN; Festivals in Aberdeen; Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire
  • Union Street towards Castlegate (facing east)
  • New Royal Aberdeen's Children Hospital and New Emergency Care Centre in background, Foresterhill, Aberdeen
  • North Sea oil and gas]]
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  • Aberdeen Aquatics Centre in the Aberdeen Sports Village
  • Aberdeen Arts Centre
  • Aberdeen butteries, also known as rowies, served with jam
  • [[Marischal College]], home of Aberdeen City Council, Broad St.
  • Aberdeen Coast
  • Aberdeen Grammar School
  • Plaza outside railway station at Aberdeen in early morning, with Union Square to left
  • Population pyramid of Aberdeen (local council area) in 2020
  • Aberdeen Harbour
  • Lamp-post bearing the city coat of arms
  • George Gordon [[Byron]]
  • Duthie Park
  • Hazlehead Golf Course
  • His Majesty's Theatre, Rosemount
  • King's College, Old Aberdeen
  • Neptune Energy and Aker Solutions Buildings, North Dee Business Quarter. An example of modern offices becoming more prevalent in Aberdeen's City Centre
  • North East Scotland College
  • [[Pittodrie Stadium]] viewed from Broad Hill
  • [[Aberdeen Science Centre]], Links Road Science Museum
  • [[Aberdeen railway station]], main concourse
  • St Andrew's Cathedral]], King Street
  • The [[Old Town House, Old Aberdeen]]. Once a separate burgh, Old Aberdeen was incorporated into the city in 1891
  • [[Aberdeen Town House]]
  • View Of Aberdeen by William Mosman, 1756
  • Rowers under [[Wellington Suspension Bridge]] on the River Dee

n. Aberdeen, ciudad ubicada en el noreste de Escocia
adj. pertinente a Aberdeen
n. nativo o residente de Aberdeen


¦ adjective relating to Aberdeen in NE Scotland.
¦ noun a native or citizen of Aberdeen.
C17: from med. L. Aberdonia.



Aberdeen ( (listen); Scots: Aiberdeen [ˌeːbərˈdin] (listen); Scottish Gaelic: Obar Dheathain [ˈopəɾ ˈʝɛ.ɪɲ]; Latin: Aberdonia) is a city in North East Scotland, and is the third most populous city in the country. Aberdeen is one of Scotland's 32 local government council areas (as Aberdeen City), and has a 2020 population estimate of 198,590 for the city of Aberdeen, and 227,560 for the local council area making it the United Kingdom's 39th most populous built-up area. The city is 93 mi (150 km) northeast of Edinburgh and 398 mi (641 km) north of London, and is the northernmost major city in the United Kingdom. Aberdeen has a long, sandy coastline and features an oceanic climate, with cool summers and mild, rainy winters.

During the mid-18th to mid-20th centuries, Aberdeen's buildings incorporated locally quarried grey granite, which may sparkle like silver because of its high mica content. Since the discovery of North Sea oil in 1969, Aberdeen has been known as the offshore oil capital of Europe. Based upon the discovery of prehistoric villages around the mouths of the rivers Dee and Don, the area around Aberdeen has been thought to have been settled for at least 6,000 years.

Aberdeen received royal burgh status from David I of Scotland (1124–1153), which transformed the city economically. The traditional industries of fishing, paper-making, shipbuilding, and textiles have been overtaken by the oil industry and Aberdeen's seaport. Aberdeen Heliport is one of the busiest commercial heliports in the world, and the seaport is the largest in the north-east part of Scotland. A university town, the city is known for the University of Aberdeen, founded in 1495 as the fifth oldest university in the English-speaking world and located in Old Aberdeen.

In 2012, HSBC named Aberdeen as a leading business hub and one of eight 'super cities' spearheading the UK's economy, marking it as the only city in Scotland so designated. In 2018, Aberdeen was found to be the best city in the UK to start a business in a study released by card payment firm Paymentsense.

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