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I daresay that - traducción al Inglés

I daresay that      
= supongo que, quizás
Ex: I daresay that the same would be true of examples from other libraries of similar size and serving a similar population.
* I daresay that = supongo que, quizás
= yo
Ex: Under "American Scholar" he found editions published beginning, I believe, in the 1880s.
* dare I say = yo me atrevería a decir
* here I come! = ¡allá voy!
* I beg your pardon? = ¿Puede repetir?, ¿Qué ha dicho?
* I can"t get over = no puedo comprender
* I"d [I had]
* I daresay that = supongo que, quizás
* I"d better [I had better] = sería mejor que yo
* I"d rather [I had rather] = preferiría
* if I am not mistaken = si no estoy equivocado, si mi olfato no me engaña
* I for one = yo
* I"ll [I will/shall]
* I"m (I am)
* I shoud like = me gustaría
* I Spy = Veo, Veo
* I sure wish = me gustaría muchísimo, ciertamente me gustaría
* I"ve (I have) = he
* I wish I had... = ¡Ojalá tuviese...!, ¡Ojalá tuviera...!
Ejemplos de uso de I daresay that
1. I cannot be certain but I daresay that Modi would have won Gujarat also without Godhra because he is an efficient administrator with little interest in the parallel disease of Indian politics, corruption.
2. "I daresay that those people who would be inclined . . . to vote for Bob Barr as president would not likely fall into the category of people who would be enthused about voting for John McCain –– if such exists," he said with relish.
3. I would also make one further point regarding the Quartet.'4; At the envoy level, I daresay that on any given day David Welch, Assistant Secretary Welch, is in contact with other members of the Quartet, whether that‘s from the EU or member–states of the EU, on these issues.'4; So we‘re working very closely with other members of the Quartet, other states, regarding issues of aid.'4; I would expect in the coming weeks that the United States and the EU would be talking about their reviews of their individual aid programs and the different legal standards that would apply and have a general discussion about policy matters concerning aid to any future Palestinian government.