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MARC de la Biblioteca del Congreso      
Ex: DC has also been used in the British National Bibliography (BNB) and is used in both BNB MARC and LC MARC records.
= conference, congress, convention.
Ex: A conference is a meeting of individuals or representatives of various bodies for the purpose of discussing and acting on topics of common interest or a meeting of representatives of a corporate body that constitutes its legislative or governing body.
Ex: Form headings (such as congresses, dictionaries, directories) were recommended by the BM code, and caused some problems later.
Ex: This article describes the 3 largest international book fairs: in Frankfurt, the children's book fair in Bologna, and the American Booksellers Association annual convention which has a different venue every year.
* actas de congresos = conference proceedings, proceedings, published proceedings.
* asistencia a congreso = conference attendance.
* asistente a congreso = conference-goer.
* asistente a una conferencia = conferencer.
* ayuda de asistencia a congreso = conference attendance grant.
* beca de asistencia a congreso = conference attendance grant.
* Biblioteca del Congreso (LC) = Library of Congress (LC).
* celebración de congresos en línea = online conferencing.
* celebrar un congreso = hold + conference.
* centro de congresos = conference centre, convention centre.
* congreso electrónico = electronic conferencing [e-conferencing], e-conference (electronic conference).
* congreso en línea = online conference.
* Congreso General = General Conference.
* congreso mediante ordenador = computer-mediated conferencing.
* congreso mundial = world congress.
* congreso por ordenador = computer conference.
* congreso por vídeo = videoconferencing [video conferencing], videoconference [video conference].
* convocar un congreso = convene + conference.
* del congreso = congressional.
* empresa organizadora de congresos = conference organiser.
* LCCN (Notación de la Clasificación de la Biblioteca del Congreso) = LCCN (Library of Congress Classification Number).
* LCSH (Lista de Encabezamientos de Materia de la Biblioteca del Congreso) = LCSH (Library of Congress List of Subject Headings).
* lugar de celebración del congreso = conference venue.
* MARC de la Biblioteca del Congreso = LC MARC.
* miembro del Congreso = congressman [congresswoman, -fem.], congresswoman [congressman, -masc.].
* organizador del congreso = conference organiser.
* organizar un congreso = hold + conference, host + conference, host + congress.
* palacio de congresos = conference centre, conference hall, convention centre.
* palacios de congresos = convention hall.
* patrocinar un congreso = host + conference, host + congress.
* por orden del congreso = congressionally mandated.
* programa del congreso = conference programme.
* Reglas de Intercalación de la Biblioteca del Congreso = Library of Congress Filing Rules.
* reseña de congreso = conference report.
* reunión celebrada con anterioridad al congreso = preconference [pre-conference].
* sala de congresos = convention hall.
* salón de congresos = convention hall.
* sede del congreso = conference venue.
* sistema de clasificación de la Biblioteca del Congreso = LCC (Library of Congress Classification).
MARC (Catalogación Legible por Máquina)      
= MARC (Machine Readable Cataloguing).
Ex: MARC is a widely used format for the exchange of bibliographic information in machine-readable form and stands for Machine Readable Cataloguing.
* Cinta de Intercambio de Registros MARC = MARC Exchange Tape.
* en formato MARC = in MARC form.
* formato MARC = MARC format, MARC record format.
* MALMARC (MARC malayo) = MALMARC (Malaysian Machine Readable Cataloguing).
* MARC de la Bibliografía Nacional Británica = BNB MARC.
* MARC de la Biblioteca del Congreso = LC MARC.
* MARC del Reino Unido = UKMARC.
* MARC nigeriano = Niger MARC.
* no MARC = non-MARC.
* registro MARC = MARC record.
* servicio de registros MARC, el = MARC service, the.