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atomic reactor - traducción al Inglés

Atomic reactor; Nuclear reactors; Fission reactor; Nuclear pile; Nuclear power reactor; Nuclear Reactor; Fuel element; Atomic pile; Power history; Atomic Pile; Pile (nuclear reactor); Classification of Nuclear Reactors; List of reactor types; Reactor, nuclear; Nuclear factories; Nuclear fission reactor; Nuclear Reactor Technology; Production reactor; "production reactor"; Cooling system (nuclear reactor); Nuclear reactor technology; Generation V reactor; Reactor design; Air-cooled reactor; Water reactor; Reactivity of a nuclear reactor; Axial flux difference; Controlled fission
  • The [[CANDU]] [[Qinshan Nuclear Power Plant]]
  • Chicago Pile Team]], including [[Enrico Fermi]] and [[Leó Szilárd]]
  • EPFL]] in Switzerland
  • Diablo Canyon]] – a PWR
  • The [[Ignalina Nuclear Power Plant]] – a RBMK type (closed 2009)
  • work=The New York Times }}</ref>
  • steam generators]] (purple), [[pressurizer]] (blue), and pumps (green) in the three coolant loop [[Hualong One]] [[pressurized water reactor]] design
  • An example of an induced nuclear fission event. A neutron is absorbed by the nucleus of a uranium-235 atom, which in turn splits into fast-moving lighter elements (fission products) and free neutrons. Though both reactors and [[nuclear weapons]] rely on nuclear chain reactions, the rate of reactions in a reactor is much slower than in a bomb.
  • [[Lise Meitner]] and [[Otto Hahn]] in their laboratory
  • NC State]]'s PULSTAR Reactor is a 1&nbsp;MW pool-type [[research reactor]] with 4% enriched, pin-type fuel consisting of UO<sub>2</sub> pellets in [[zircaloy]] cladding.
  • VVER-1000]] reactor frame at [[Atommash]]
  • The [[Magnox]] [[Sizewell A]] nuclear power station
  • Chicago Pile]], the first artificial nuclear reactor, built in secrecy at the University of Chicago in 1942 during World War II as part of the US's [[Manhattan project]]
  • The [[Superphénix]], closed in 1998, was one of the few FBRs.
  • In thermal nuclear reactors (LWRs in specific), the coolant acts as a moderator that must slow down the neutrons before they can be efficiently absorbed by the fuel.
  • Scaled-down model of [[TOPAZ nuclear reactor]]
  • The [[Torness nuclear power station]] – an AGR

atomic reactor         
Reactor atómico
nuclear reactor         
reactor nuclear, generador atómico, reactor atómico
nuclear reactor         
(n.) = reactor nuclear
Ex: Though several types of nuclear reactor are mentioned, gas-cooled reactors are not.


sust. masc.
Percal o tejido de algodón similar a este. Se emplea en la confección de ropa interior femenina.


Nuclear reactor

A nuclear reactor is a device used to initiate and control a fission nuclear chain reaction or nuclear fusion reactions. Nuclear reactors are used at nuclear power plants for electricity generation and in nuclear marine propulsion. Heat from nuclear fission is passed to a working fluid (water or gas), which in turn runs through steam turbines. These either drive a ship's propellers or turn electrical generators' shafts. Nuclear generated steam in principle can be used for industrial process heat or for district heating. Some reactors are used to produce isotopes for medical and industrial use, or for production of weapons-grade plutonium. As of 2022, the International Atomic Energy Agency reports there are 422 nuclear power reactors and 223 nuclear research reactors in operation around the world.

In the early era of nuclear reactors (1940s), a reactor was known as a nuclear pile or atomic pile (so-called because the graphite moderator blocks of the first reactor to reach criticality were stacked in a pile).

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1. Russia has a $1 billion stake in building Iran‘s first atomic reactor.
2. By Yuriy Humber Staff Writer The state nuclear lobby has struck its first agreements with private companies to attract investments into atomic reactor construction.
3. He confirmed the United States had handed over information this week saying a Syrian installation destroyed by an Israeli air strike in September was an unfinished atomic reactor.
4. Uranium enrichment is the most sensitive part of the nuclear fuel cycle and can be used to make either atomic reactor fuel or bomb–grade material.
5. The North shut down its sole functioning atomic reactor in July and began to disable it and other facilities under the watch of U.S. experts in November.