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eye of the hurricane, the - traducción al Inglés

Eye Of The Storm (album); Eye of the storm; The Eye of the Storm (album); Eye of the Storm (disambiguation); Eye Of The Storm; Eye of the Storm (album); Eye of a Storm; The Eye of the Storm (film); Eye of the Storm (film); The Eye of the Storm; Eye of the Storm (novel); Eye Of the Storm

eye of the hurricane, the      
(n.) = ojo del huracán, el
Ex: The first is the eye of the hurricane, which is a calm area in the center of the storm, usually measuring about 20 miles in diameter.
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  • alt=View of tropical cyclone damage from a helicopter
  • alt=A schematic diagram of a tropical cyclone
  • Aftermath of [[Hurricane Ike]] in [[Bolivar Peninsula, Texas]]
  • alt=Path of a tropical cyclone
  • alt=Aerial view of storm clouds
  • alt=Satellite image of three simultaneous tropical cyclones
  • alt=Track errors plotted over time
  • alt=Head-on view of an airplane
  • alt=Satellite image of a cyclone where the thickest clouds are displaced from the central vortex
  • The eye and surrounding clouds of 2018 [[Hurricane Florence]] as seen from the [[International Space Station]]
Hurricane; Tropical storm; Hurricanes; Tropical depression; Tropical cyclones; Tropical storms; Hurricane Climate; Huricane; Tropical depressions; Tropical Cyclone; Hurricain; Tropical Depression; List of tropical depressions; Hurricaine; Tropical cyclone wind speed climatology; Tropical Cyclone Wind Speed Climatology; Tropical cyclone Windspeed Climatology; Tropical cyclone windspeed Climatology; Tropical cyclone Windspeed climatology; Warm core; Tropical meteorology; Hurriacne; Hurricaen; Hurricnae; Tropical system; Tropical systems; Tropical low; Explosive deepening; Tropical Storm; Wikipedia:WikiProject Outline of knowledge/Drafts/Outline of tropical cyclones; Wikipedia:WikiProject Outline of Knowledge/Drafts/Outline of tropical cyclones; Tropical Hurricane; Tropical Cyclones; User:Storm05/Sandbox27; List of Tropical Depressions; Tropical storn; Rapidly intensifying; Cyclonic Storm; Warm-core system; Warm-core low; Long-term tropical cyclone activity trends; Remnant (tropical cyclone); Remnant (tropical storm); Cold wake; Hurricanes and nuclear weapons; List of depressions over the North Indian Ocean; Draft:Politics of tropical cyclones; Tropical windstorm
(n.) = huracán
Ex: In UDC under 361 SOCIAL RELIEF we find .9 Relief or aid in emergencies, disasters; .91 Earthquakes, storms, hurricanes; .92 Floods; .93 War, civil war; .94 Epidemics; .95 Famine; and .96 Fires, conflagrations.
* eye of the hurricane, the = ojo del huracán, el
* hurricane-force wind = viento huracanado
* hurricane-ravaged = destrozado por un huracán
* in the eye of the hurricane = en el ojo del huracán
blue eyes         
  • iris]]
  • Amber eye
  • [[Sclater's lemur]], also known as the blue-eyed black lemur
  • A light blue iris with [[limbal ring]]
  • A [[Chinchilla Persian]] with sea-green eyes
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  • 1–19}}
  • Gray eyes
  • Green eyes
  • Hazel eye
  • Green-hazel eyes
  • Hazel eyes
  • An example of complete heterochromia. The subject has one brown eye and one hazel eye.
  • An example of sectoral heterochromia. The subject has a blue iris with a brown section.
  • A [[Kayser–Fleischer ring]] in a patient with [[Wilson's disease]]
  • Dark brown iris is common in [[Europe]], [[Americas]], [[Africa]], [[West Asia]], [[East Asia]] and [[Southeast Asia]].
  • Light brown iris can be found in Europe, [[West Asia]], [[South Asia]], Central Asia and among the Americas.
  • Red-appearing albino eyes
Blue Eyes; Eye colour; Brown eyes; Brown eye; Hazel eyes; Hazel eye; Grey eye; Grey eyes; Gray eyes; Gray eye; Blue eye; Blue Eye; Eye Color; Brown-eyed; Eye pigmentation; Purple eyes; History of eye colors; History of eyes colors; Eyecolor; Eye colors; Hazel (color); Hazel (colour); Eye colours; Grey-eyed; Grey eyed; Gray-eyed; Gray eyed; Brown eyed; Browneyed; Browneyes; Brown-eye; Brown-eyes; Blue eyes; Eyes color; Human eye pigment; Iris color; Green-eyed; Draft:Eye color; Amber eyes; Green eye color; Green eye colour; Blue eye color; Blue eye colour; Gray eye color; Gray eye colour; Brown eye color; Brown eye colour; Blue-eyed; Colour of the eyes; Genetics of eye color
n. ojos azules, bebé de ojos azules; planta anual de California con flores azules


los otros
El prójimo.


Eye of the Storm

Eye of the Storm may refer to:

  • Eye (cyclone), a region of calmer weather found at the center of strong tropical cyclones