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eyelid - traducción al Inglés

Eyelids; Palpebral; Palpebræ; Superior palpebrae; Eyelid diseases; Double eyelid; Human eyelid; Lower eyelid; Upper eyelid; Palpebrae; Eye lid; Asian eyes; Eyelid disease; Palpebra; Eyelid enhancement; Chinese eyelid tape; Monolid; Eyelid margin; Lid margin; Eye-lid margin; Superior eyelid; Inferior eyelid; Anterior surface of eyelid; Posterior surface of eyelid; Inferior eyelids; Superior eyelids; Blepharal
  • double eyelid surgery]]. Note the presence of the [[epicanthic fold]] in both photographs.
  • Blood vessels of the eyelids, front view
  • Eyelid affected by [[stye]]

(n.) = párpado
Ex: In the two years that followed Woodforde had various other ailments, including an inflammation of the eyelid.
* cause + an eyelid to bat = causar sorpresa
* not bat an eyelid = no inmutarse, no pestañear, ni inmutarse, ni pestañear, quedarse tan fresco
* without batting an eyelid = sin pestañear, sin inmutarse, sin coscarse


1) drooping eyelids
2) (misc.) without batting an eyelid (esp. BE) ('while remaining calm') (AE has without batting an eyelash)



An eyelid is a thin fold of skin that covers and protects an eye. The levator palpebrae superioris muscle retracts the eyelid, exposing the cornea to the outside, giving vision. This can be either voluntarily or involuntarily. The human eyelid features a row of eyelashes along the eyelid margin, which serve to heighten the protection of the eye from dust and foreign debris, as well as from perspiration. "Palpebral" (and "blepharal") means relating to the eyelids. Its key function is to regularly spread the tears and other secretions on the eye surface to keep it moist, since the cornea must be continuously moist. They keep the eyes from drying out when asleep. Moreover, the blink reflex protects the eye from foreign bodies.

The appearance of the human upper eyelid often varies between different populations. The prevalence of an epicanthic fold covering the inner corner of the eye account for the majority of East Asian and Southeast Asian populations, and is also found in varying degrees among other populations. Separately, but also similarly varying between populations, the crease of the remainder of the eyelid may form either a "single eyelid", a "double eyelid", or an intermediate form.

Eyelids can be found in other animals, some of which may have a third eyelid, or nictitating membrane. A vestige of this in humans survives as the plica semilunaris.

Ejemplos de pronunciación para eyelid
1. with the lazy eyelid.
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2. that kept his eyelid up.
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3. of pressure on that eyelid will mean
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4. And she didn't bat an eyelid.
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5. bringing his bottom eyelid up when the eye gets dry.
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Ejemplos de uso de eyelid
1. In fact, most Japanese may not even bat an eyelid.
2. He also gave Jefferson‘s eyelid and jaw a quick blast.
3. You know, I can‘t even get anything, an eyelid movement, a squeeze of his hand.
4. Its sides even open up mechanically like an eyelid, albeit one dissected by the waterline.
5. She grabbed the girl‘s chest and stabbed her through the eyelid.