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facet - traducción al español

Facet cutting; Unfaceted
  • [[Earring]] with faceted [[beads]]
  • A faceted [[spodumene]]

faceta [Noun]
(n.) = faceta

Def: Conjunto de subdivisiones producidas al aplicar una característica a una clase.
Ex: A facet, then, is the sum total of isolates formed by the division of a subject by one characteristic of division.
* common facet = faceta común
* differential facet = faceta diferencial
* Energy facet = faceta de Energía
* facet analysis = análisis por facetas, análisis facetado
* facet-based = facetado, basado en facetas
* facet formula = fórmula de facetas
* facet indicator = indicador de faceta
* Form facet = faceta de forma
* Personality facet = faceta de Personalidad
* subfacet [sub-facet] = subfaceta
* Thesaurofacet = Thesaurofacet
* Time facet = faceta de tiempo


·noun The narrow plane surface between flutings of a column.
II. Facet ·vt To cut facets or small faces upon; as, to facet a diamond.
III. Facet ·noun A smooth circumscribed surface; as, the articular facet of a bone.
IV. Facet ·noun A little face; a small, plane surface; as, the facets of a diamond.
V. Facet ·noun One of the numerous small eyes which make up the compound eyes of insects and crustaceans.



Facets () are flat faces on geometric shapes. The organization of naturally occurring facets was key to early developments in crystallography, since they reflect the underlying symmetry of the crystal structure. Gemstones commonly have facets cut into them in order to improve their appearance by allowing them to reflect light.

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1. Marine base, another facet of the realignment plan.
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