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facetious$27153$ - traducción al español

Slaughter of the Insole; Facetious Folly Feat; Slaughter of the Insole 7"

adj. guasón, chistoso inoportuno, irrisorio, jocoso


Shook Ones (band)

Shook Ones are a band from Bellingham, Washington, that has since relocated to Seattle, Washington. The band has done several tours of the United States and a three-week tour of Europe. In April 2007, the band toured Japan. In November of the same year, Shook Ones left Revelation Records, along with many of the other bands that Revelation had worked with between 2005 and 2007.

In summer 2008, Shook Ones released a split EP with End of a Year, a band which had also left Revelation Records the previous fall. Philadelphia-based Runner Up Records handled the release of the split, which has four songs from Shook Ones and one from End of a Year. The band released an LP in 2009, The Unquoteable A.M.H., on Paper + Plastick.