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facings$27177$ - traducción al español

Facings; Facing color
  • Austrian infantry with blue facings (c.1804)
  • Soldier of the [[8th (The King's) Regiment of Foot]] with yellow facings (1742)
  • The Manchester Regiment in the full dress uniform of 1914 with the white facings of most English and Welsh line infantry regiments.
  • Régiment d'[[Ile-de-France]] (1720) with blue facings

n. cuello de uniforme; bocamangas


the cuffs, collar, and lapels of a military jacket, contrasting in colour with the rest of the garment.


Facing colour

A facing colour is a common tailoring technique for European military uniforms where the visible inside lining of a standard military jacket, coat or tunic is of a different colour to that of the garment itself. The jacket lining evolved to be of different coloured material, then of specific hues. Accordingly, when the material was turned back on itself: the cuffs, lapels and tails of the jacket exposed the contrasting colours of the lining or facings, enabling ready visual distinction of different units: regiments, divisions or battalions each with their own specific and prominent colours. The use of distinctive facings for individual regiments was at its most popular in 18th century armies, but standardisation within infantry branches became more common during and after the Napoleonic Wars.