faculty roster - traducción al Inglés
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faculty roster - traducción al Inglés

Roh roster; Ring Of Honor roster; Ring of Honor roster
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faculty roster      
(n.) = plantilla de profesorado
Ex: This article describes a study conducted to establish if characteristics of elitism exist in the library science schools for their faculty roster.
Roster (disambiguation); Rosters
(n.) = lista, listado
Ex: Profiles of the research interests of faculty were gathered and organised into a 3-part faculty research interests roster.
* a full roster of = un gran número de
* duty roster = lista de personas y cometidos
* faculty roster = plantilla de profesorado
* personnel roster = plantilla
teaching staff         
Faculty (university division); Faculty (University Division); Academic staff; Professoriate; Faculty (teaching staff); Faculty member; Teaching staff; Teaching faculty; Professoriat; Academic position; Faculty (academic staff); University teacher
(n.) = profesorado
Ex: The author explains how the system works and discusses perceptions of librarians by teaching staff and vice-versa.


·noun ·see Professoriate.


List of Ring of Honor personnel

The following is a list of professional wrestlers, referees, announcers, and other personnel who currently work for Ring of Honor (ROH), a wrestling promotion owned by Tony Khan.

Employees and management listed are organized according to their role in the company. The ring name of each employee appears in the first column, while their real name is in the second column. ROH bills their developmental wrestlers working their way through the ROH Dojo (regardless of gender) as the "Future of Honor" and their women wrestlers as the "Women of Honor".

Wrestlers from ROH's sister promotion All Elite Wrestling (AEW) may also make periodic appearances on ROH programming.