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RoL; Rol; ROL (disambiguation)

rock and roll         
  • [[Bill Haley]] and his Comets performing in the 1954 Universal International film ''Round Up of Rhythm''
  • Sign commemorating the role of [[Alan Freed]] and [[Cleveland]], Ohio, in the origins of rock and roll
  • [[Buddy Holly]] and his band, [[the Crickets]]
  • [[Chuck Berry]] in 1957
  • Jailhouse Rock]]'' in 1957
  • [[Little Richard]] in 1957
  • Pete Johnson]]'s record "[[Roll 'Em Pete]]" is regarded as a precursor to rock and roll.
  • [[Tommy Steele]], one of the first British rock and rollers, performing in Stockholm in 1957
  • "There's No Romance in Rock and Roll" made the cover of ''True Life Romance'' in 1956.
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Rock and Roll (Musikstil)


Mid-20th Century US black slang for sex. Came to mistakenly stand for a sub-genre of music. Brings whole new meaning to Rocking All Over The World, Rock Around The Clock, Jailhouse Rock, and Hard Rock Cafe.
Well, time for some rock'n'roll.



Rol may refer to:

  • Henri Rol-Tanguy, French resistant, "Rol" used to be his nickname during WW2
  • Rol, village in Jayal tehsil, Nagaur district, in Rajasthan India
  • Rolleston railway station
  • Rol Cortishane, fictional character
  • The Role, a 2013 Russian film by Konstantin Lopushansky

ROL, as an acronym, may refer to:

  • Ray of Light, album by Madonna
  • Romanian leu, Romanian currency
  • Revue de l'Orient Latin, collection of medieval documents
  • Raajjé Online, Maldivian Internet service provider
  • Rock of Love with Bret Michaels, an American reality television dating game show
  • ROtate bits Left, also known as left circular shift
  • Republic of Lakotah, a proposed country and independence movement in the United States
  • Rivers of Life, a global organisation of evangelical churches
  • Rise of the Lycans the third installment of the Underworld film series
  • Republic of Loose, an Irish band
  • Risk of loss, a contracts term
  • Rank order list
  • Rule of law
  • Ring of Lightning, an IRC network famous for two members on it leaking the secure boot backdoor key
  • RISCOS Ltd, a computer software company