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Jezioro Roś; Jezioro Ros; Roschsee; Lake Ros; Lake roś; Lake ros; Roś Lake; Lake of Roś; Roś lake; Roś; Ros lake; Lake of Ros

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‎استعراض الأجهزة في الفحص السريري‎
  • Front and rear views of the ''[[Carry-I]]'' book-sized diskless workstation, bundled with DR DOS 5.0, based on an [[Intel 80286]] processor and produced by Taiwan's [[Flytech Technology]] c. 1991
  • Digital Research DR DOS 6.0 startup disk
  • Novell DR DOS 6.0 manual
  • A typical command line in Novell DOS 7
OpenDOS; Novell DOS; Opendos; Doctor DOS; Open DOS; Open-DOS; Novell-DOS; DR DOS; DrDOS; Enhanced DR-DOS; EDR-DOS; Enhanced Dr-DOS; Novell dos; PalmDOS; Caldera UK; Caldera UK Ltd.; Caldera UK Limited; Caldera (UK) Limited; Caldera (UK) Ltd.; Caldera (UK); DR/DOS; NWDOS; Caldera OpenDOS; EZ-DOS; DRFAT32; Caldera DR-OpenDOS; DR-OpenDOS; Novell DOS 7; WinGlue; WINGLUE.COM; WinBolt; DR DOS "Leopard"; DR DOS Leopard; DR DOS "Buxton"; DR DOS Buxton; DR DOS "Merlin"; DR DOS Merlin; DR DOS "Panther"; DR DOS Panther; DR-DOS "WinBolt"; DR-DOS WinBolt; Novell "Vladivar"; PQDOS; DRDOS.SYS; Dell Real Mode Kernel; DRMK; DRBIO.SYS; Dr. DOS; DR-DOS 8.0; OpenDOS 7.01; DR-OpenDOS 7.02; DR-DOS 7.02; DR-DOS 7.03; DR-DOS 7.04; DR-DOS 7.05; DR-DOS 7.06; DR-DOS 7.07; DR DOS 3.31; DR DOS 3.32; DR DOS 3.33; DR DOS 3.34; DR DOS 3.35; DR DOS 3.40; DR DOS 3.41; DR DOS 5.0; DR DOS 6.0; PalmDOS 1.0; MemMAX; MEMMAX; MiniMAX; MINIMAX; Personal Information Module; Personal information module; NetWare PalmDOS 1.0; NetWare PalmDOS; Novell NetWare PalmDOS; Novell PalmDOS; Dell Real-Mode Kernel; VERSION; VERSION.EXE; VERSION (DOS command); VERSION.EXE (DR-DOS); WINGLUE; LOADER.COM; LOADER (DOS command); LOADER.SYS; DRFAT32.EXE; DRFAT32.SYS; Caldera DOS; Caldera DR-DOS; Lineo DOS; Lineo DR-DOS; Caldera Thin Clients DR-DOS; Caldera COD; COD (Caldera); NOVOS; NovOS; DR-SBK; Caldera DR-SBK; DR-System Builder Kit; Caldera DR-System Builder Kit; SECURITY.BIN; Caldera OpenDOS 7.01; DR DOS 3.41T; EZ-DOS 3.41; Caldera DR-OpenDOS 7.02; DRDOS.COM; EDIT (DR-DOS); EDITOR (DR-DOS); ROM Operating System; Digital Research ROS; Novell ROS; Caldera ROS; DR ROS; ROS (operating system); OpenDOS 7.01.08; OpenDOS 7.01.07; OpenDOS 7.01.06; OpenDOS 7.01.05; OpenDOS 7.01.04; OpenDOS 7.01.03; OpenDOS 7.01.02; OpenDOS 7.01.01; Winglue; DISKMAP; SunPCi OpenDOS; Sun OpenDOS; Oracle OpenDOS; DR-DOS 3.31; Caldera DR-DOS 7.02; Caldera DR-DOS 7.03; DR-Flash; DR DOS 6.0/V; Caldera Digital Research Systems; Caldera Digital Research Systems Group; Caldera DSG; Digital Research Systems Group (Caldera); Dell RMK; Caldera Winglue; Caldera WinGlue; Caldera WinBolt; DRDOS (operating system); NetWare DOS; Novell NetWare DOS; Novell NWDOS; Law 774 Limited; Law 774 Ltd.; Trau keinem DOS unter 7; ND7TID.EXE; MEM TUT.EXE; STAC TUT.EXE; TMGR TUT.EXE; NWCH TUT.EXE; DOPT TUT.EXE; SEC TUT.EXE; FLNK TUT.EXE; DR6TID.EXE; TaskMAX; MemoryMAX; DiskMAX; NWDOS.INI; OPENDOS.INI; DRDOS.INI; DOS.INI; OPENDOS; DRDOS (Caldera); DRDOS (Digital Research); DRDOS (Novell); \NWDOS; /NWDOS; /NWDOS/; \NWDOS\; \OPENDOS; /OPENDOS; /OPENDOS/; \OPENDOS\; \DRDOS; /DRDOS; /DRDOS/; \DRDOS\; MULTIMAX.EXE; MultiMAX; DR DOS 6.0 business update; IBMBIO.LDR; BOOT.LST; Caldera DR-DOS Division; Law 774 (company); Digital Research Newbury; Caldera Andover; Digital Research Hungerford; Novell Hungerford; TASKMAX; Novell DR DOS 6.0; Novell NetWare Desktop System DR DOS 6.0; Novell DR DOS; Novell NetWare Desktop System; Novell NetWare Desktop System DR DOS; NetWare Desktop System DR DOS; NetWare Desktop System DR DOS 6.0; Novell DR DOS 6.0 NetWare Desktop System; Novell DR DOS NetWare Desktop System; 2001 Sales EZ-DOS; 2001 Sales EZ-DOS 3.41; 2001 Sales, Inc. EZ-DOS 3.41; 2001 Sales, Inc. EZ-DOS; EZDOS; EZ-DOS 4.1 Deluxe; EZ-DOS 4.1; 2001 Sales EZ-DOS 4.1 Deluxe; 2001 Sales EZ-DOS 4.1; The Advanced Networking DOS That's Easy to Use; DR DOS 3.3x; DR DOS 3.4x


أَصْغَر ; سُفْلَى

  • 3907808}} (1975); Chem. Abstr., 84, 43880p (1975).</ref>
ATC code J01MB01; ATCvet code QJ01MB01; Eracine; Eradacil; Eradacin; Roxadyl; Winuron
‎ روزُوكْساسين:دَواءٌ مُضادٌّ لِلجَراثيم‎


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Lake Roś

Lake Roś (Polish: Jezioro Roś, German: Roschsee) is a lake in the Masurian Lake District of the Warmian-Masurian Voivodeship of Poland. This S-shaped glacial lake has an area of 18.9 km2 and a depth of 31.8 metres. The Swięcek and Konopka rivers flow into the lake, while the Pisa River flows out of it. The largest town on the lake is Pisz.

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