��� Ah! pensa Gringoire, voil�� qui fait h��siter ma conviction - traduction vers Anglais
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��� Ah! pensa Gringoire, voil�� qui fait h��siter ma conviction - traduction vers Anglais

Ah; Ah!; A. H.; A.H.; AH (disambiguation); A.h.; Ah.; A H; AH value; Ah (disambiguation)

= ¡ah!
Ex: Stanton drew a breath and went on, "We"ll accept equivalent experience in lieu of professional experience... Let me get the exact wording" -- she fumbled through some papers in a folder -- 'so long as it, ah! here it is, quote, is sufficient to indicate ability to do the job, unquote".
Apache helicopter         
  • AH-64E Apache Guardian
  • A U.S. Army ski equipped AH-64 training [[Fort Wainwright]], Alaska
  • AH-64 during an extraction exercise at [[Camp Bondsteel]], Kosovo in 2007 with a soldier on the avionics bay.
  • AH-64 over [[Baghdad]], Iraq on a reconnaissance mission, 2007
  • AH-64 engaging Taliban insurgents over Afghanistan
  • AH-64 Apache weapon loadout
  • An AH-64E Apache of the [[Indian Air Force]]
  • [[Royal Netherlands Air Force]] AH-64D at the [[Farnborough Airshow]], 2006
  • Japanese GSDF]]
  • British Apache pilot with IHADSS
  • [[Israeli Air Force]] AH-64A ''Peten''
  • [[Indonesian Army]] AH-64E Apache helicopter
  • Indonesian Army Aviation]] AH-64E in 2018
  • Hughes]] YAH-64 prototype with T-tail
  • An IAF AH-64E in 2019
  • IAF AH-64D "Saraph"
  • Apache Solo Display Team]]
  • upright=1.5
  • AH-64 Apache in flight
  • ROCA]] AH-64E in 2014
  • Royal Saudi Land Forces AH-64A, 2005
  • A [[Hellenic Army]] AH-64
  • Two US Army Apaches during Exercise Talisman Sabre 2019, in Queensland, Australia
  • 6}} during Joint Shipboard Weapons and Ordnance training
  • Fort McHenry}}.
  • U.S. Army testing of the [[Joint Air-to-Ground Missile]] (JAGM) via an AH-64 Apache Longbow at Cibola Range, [[Yuma Proving Ground]]
  • A YAH-64A prototype in 1982
  • A YAH-64A in 1984
Apache helicopter; AH-64; Ah64 apache; Ah-64d; Ah-64 apache; Saraph; AH-64D; Ah-64; AH-64D Apache; AH-64A Apache; Apache AH-64D; APG78; Ah64; Hughes AH-64 Apache; AH-64A; Apache attack helicopter; AH 64; APG 78; Apache gunship; Apache Gunship; Apache Helicopter; Hughes Model 77 Apache; Hughes 77 Apache; McDonnell Douglas AH-64 Apache; AH-64D Longbow; AH-64 Apache; H-64 Apache; Boeing AH-64D; McDonnell-Douglas AH-64 Apache; Apache helicopters; Boeing AH-64D Apache; AH-64 Apache Helicopter; Boeing AH-64DHA Longbow; Boeing Apache; Apache Guardian; Apache helicopter gunship; YAH-64; Sea Apache; AH-64D Apache Longbow; Ah-64e
helicóptero Apache (moderno helicóptero de combate americano)


Ma Símbolo químico del masurio.



AH and variants may refer to:

  • Ah!, an exclamation
  • AH (Anno Hegirae), Latin for Islamic "in the year of the Hijra" similar to the Latin for the Christian year Anno Domini