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CDI - traduction vers espagnol

Cdi; CDI (disambiguation)

disco compacto interactivo



CDI, CDi, CD-i, or .cdi may refer to:

Exemples de prononciation pour CDI
1. called CDI,
2. approved for recurrent CDI, C. diff infections,
Impactful Gut Bacteria _ Kevin Roelofs & Meg Muckenhoupt _ Talks at Google
Exemples du corpus de texte pour CDI
1. The CDI continues to research nuclear and military policy, but as a subdivision of the World Security Institute.
2. In a joint statement with CDI, Dillard‘s told the weekly newspaper Arkansas Business nothing was wrong with CDI‘s accounting.
3. With Clark‘s death last year, Dillard‘s has the option to buy his shares, but it has discussed letting CDI employees buy Clark‘s shares instead.
4. Critics oppose the CPE because it removes the job protection provided in the existing long–term contract known as the CDI (contract of indeterminate duration). The CDI has a maximum trial period of six months, after which employers must justify any firing in detail and employees have extensive rights to appeal their firing and get compensation for it.
5. Leclerc, a network of indendent hypermarket owners, employs 85,000 people, '1 per cent of whom are on so–called CDI contracts that offer the most security to workers.