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R.E.C.; R. E. C.; R E C; R E.C.; R E C.; R E. C.

Robert E Lee         
  • Unveiling of the Equestrian Statue of Robert E. Lee, May 29, 1890, Richmond, Virginia
  • Facade view of Arlington House, the Robert E. Lee Memorial — at Arlington National Cemetery, in Virginia, pictured in 2006
  • CSS ''Robert E. Lee''
  • 40px
  • 35px
  • Traveller]] (September 1866)
  • a monument]] in New Orleans
  • Levin C. Handy]])
  • President Gerald Ford signs Joint Resolution 23 at Arlington National Cemetery on August 5, 1975, restoring the citizenship rights of Robert E. Lee
  • Oath of [[amnesty]] submitted by Robert E. Lee in 1865
  • Lee at age 31 in 1838, as a Lieutenant of Engineers in the U.S. Army
  • Robert E. Lee, around age 38, and his son [[William Henry Fitzhugh Lee]], around age 8, c. 1845
  • Robert E. Lee around age 43, when he was a brevet lieutenant-colonel of engineers, c. 1850
  • ''Robert E. Lee'', oil on canvas, Edward Calledon Bruce, 1865. [[Virginia Historical Society]]
  • National Cathedral]]
  • Lee in uniform, 1863
  • General Lee and his Confederate officers in their first meeting since Appomattox, August 1869
  • Robert Edward Lee in art at the Battle of Chancellorsville in a stained glass window of the Washington National Cathedral
  • Brady]], April 16, 1865
  • 25px
  • Stone Mountain]]
  • Battle of Gettysburg, by [[Thure de Thulstrup]]
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  • 50px
  • 50px
  • 50px
  • 50px
  • 50px
Robert E Lee; Lee, Robert Edward; Robert Edward Lee; R E Lee; Gen. Robert E. Lee; Robert E. Lee (Confederate general); R.e. lee; General Robert E. Lee; Col. Robert E. Lee; R.E. Lee; R. E. Lee; Lee, Robert E. (Robert Edward), 1807-1870; Robert E. Lee (General); Marse Robert; R e lee; General Lee
Robert E Lee (1807-1870), general de los ejércitos confederados durante la guerra civil americana
entertainment television         
  • E!'s logo from the launch under that branding. Used from June 1, 1990, until July 9, 2012, for the US flagship channel. Remained in use for many of E!'s international networks until they gradually began rebranding with the current US logo.
E! cable network; E! Entertainment Television Inc.; E! Entertainment Television; E! Entertainment Television Incorporated; E! Entertainment Television channel; E!Online; E!online; E! Online News; E! Online; E! (Entertainment Television); E! Entertainment; E! Television Network; Entertainment Television; Movie Time; E! Network; E!: Entertainment Television; E! Entertainment TV; E Entertainment; E! Television; E! Channel; E (channel); E! Entertainment Network; E! HD; Eonline.com; Eonline; EOnline; EOnline.com; @e entertainment; Nat & Liv; E! Entertainment Television, LLC.; E! Entertainment Television, Inc.
(n.) = programas televisivos de entretenimiento
Ex: This article discusses how it should be possible to lure children away from pure entertainment television by ensuring that books are made irresistible.
  • x30px
  • 18th-century example of use of ''r rotunda'' in English blackletter typography
  • 20px
  • 20px
  • Early Greek Rho
  • Cursive R-rotunda
  • Letter ''R'' from the alphabet by [[Luca Pacioli]], in ''[[De divina proportione]]'' (1509)
  • x30px
  • The word ''prognatus'' as written on the [[Sarcophagus of Lucius Cornelius Scipio Barbatus]] (280 BC) reveals the full development of the Latin ''R'' by that time; the letter ''P'' at the same time still retains its archaic shape distinguishing it from Greek or Old Italic ''rho''.
  • x40px
ℛ; Vōx canīna; R; R (letter); Ʀ (letter); Vox Canina; ASCII 82; ASCII 114; U+0052; U+0072; Vōx Canīna; Vox canina; Littera canīna; Littera canina; Letter R; Letter r
net (la red) [Noun]


iniciales de Estrogen Receptor (receptor estrogénico)



El término REC tiene distintas acepciones:

  • REC, programa de televisión chileno en formato talk show.
  • REC, programa de televisión peruano, siglas de Reproducimos Errores Cotidianos.
  • REC Reporteros Cuatro, programa de televisión emitido en España.
  • REC, serie de animación japonesa.
  • REC, película española de terror lanzada en 2007.
    • REC 2, secuela de la anterior, estrenada en 2009.
    • REC 3: Génesis, secuela paralela a las dos anteriores, estrenada en 2012.
    • REC 4: Apocalipsis, última película de la saga, estrenada en 2014.
  • REC (Rock en Conce), Festival de música de la ciudad de Concepción, Chile.
  • Rec TV canal de televisión chileno.
  • REC (Registro Electrónico Común), Registro Electrónico General de la Administración General del Estado.
  • REC, Recurso Económico Ciudadano, moneda local de Barcelona.
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1. Fo r o v e r–5 0 s , t h e r i s k appeared to treble, although the low number in the study meant the researchers were not confident of this figure.
2. EDEN‘S LAST DAYS James Callaghan d i t h e r e d o v e r arranging for his dying Tory predecessor Anthony Eden, right, to be flown back to the UK.
3. The talks will be conducted the way porcupines make love: v–e–r–y carefully.
4. Dol e (R–Kan.) and former health and human services secretary Donna E.
5. "That was Bob Bauer, B–A–U–E–R," Wolfson obliged.