E, E = escadrille - traduction vers
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E, E = escadrille - traduction vers

Escadrille Lafayette; Escadrille Americaine; Escadrille Américaine; Laffrayate Escradille; LaFayette Escadrille; Escadrille de Lafayette; Escadrille N.124; Lafayette Squadron; Escadrille de La Fayette; Escadrille de la Fayette; Escadrille de LaFayette; Escadrille la Fayette; Escadrille laFayette; Escadrille de laFayette; La Fayette Squadron; Escadrille LaFayette; Escadrille La Fayette; La Fayette Escadrille; Squadron La Fayette; LaFayette Squadron; Squadron LaFayette; Squadron laFayette; Squadron la Fayette
  • Community House Monument to James R. McConnell
  • Dr. Edmund Gros
  • Edmond Charles Clinton Genet]] was the first American to die after America entered the war against Germany.
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  • James Norman Hall (1887–1951) of the Lafayette Escadrille, 1917
  • La Fayette Escadrille banner.
  • French]] on top in capital letters "In memory to the Heroes of Escadrille La Fayette dead for the Defense of Right and Liberty".
  • EC 2/4 La Fayette]] of the [[French Air Force]].
  •  Kiffin Rockwell, Capt. Georges Thenault, Norman Prince, Lt. Alfred de Laage de Meux, Elliot Cowdin, Bert Hall, James McConnell and Victor Chapman (left to right)
  • Lafayette Escadrille pilots with Fram and a Nieuport 17, March 1916. V. Chapman, E. Cowdin, Wm. Thaw, N. Prince, K. Rockwell, B. Hall, Lt. Delnage, J.K. McConnell, Capt. Thenault
  • Nieuport 17 flown by [[René Dorme]] while with escadrille N.3 during the [[battle of the Somme]], late 1916
  • Groupe de Chasse 2/5]], at [[Casablanca]], on January 9, 1943.
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  • Standing (left to right) Soubiron, Doolittle, Campbell, Persons, Bridgman, Dugan, MacMonagle, Lowell, Willis, Jones, Peterson and de Maison-Rouge. Seated (left to right) Hill, Masson with "Soda," Thaw, Thénault, Lufbery with "Whiskey," Johnson, Bigelow and Rockwell
  • The mascots of the Lafayette Escadrille were the two lion cubs Whiskey and Soda
  • Thomas M. Hewitt Jr
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entertainment television         
  • E!'s logo from the launch under that branding. Used from June 1, 1990, until July 9, 2012, for the US flagship channel. Remained in use for many of E!'s international networks until they gradually began rebranding with the current US logo.
E! cable network; E! Entertainment Television Inc.; E! Entertainment Television; E! Entertainment Television Incorporated; E! Entertainment Television channel; E!Online; E!online; E! Online News; E! Online; E! (Entertainment Television); E! Entertainment; E! Television Network; Entertainment Television; Movie Time; E! Network; E!: Entertainment Television; E! Entertainment TV; E Entertainment; E! Television; E! Channel; E (channel); E! Entertainment Network; E! HD; Eonline.com; Eonline; EOnline; EOnline.com; @e entertainment; Nat & Liv; E! Entertainment Television, LLC.; E! Entertainment Television, Inc.
(n.) = programas televisivos de entretenimiento
Ex: This article discusses how it should be possible to lure children away from pure entertainment television by ensuring that books are made irresistible.
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  • Latin E
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  • Phoenician He
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  • He
E; E (letter); ASCII 69; ASCII 101; U+0045; U+0065; Letter E
* e-archiving (electronic archiving) = almacenamiento electrónico
* e-book (electronic book) = libro electrónico
* e-business (electronic business) = comercio electrónico
* e-collection [electronic collection] = colección de fondos electrónicos
* e-commerce (electronic commerce) = comercio electrónico
* e-conference (electronic conference) = congreso electrónico
* e-conferencing [electronic conferencing] = congreso electrónico, conferencia electrónica, teleconferencia
* e-conomy (electronic economy) = economía electrónica
* e-content [electronic content] = contenido electrónico, información electrónica
* e-democracy (electronic democracy) = democracia electrónica
* e-economy (electronic economy) = economía electrónica
* e-enabled = accesible electrónicamente
* e.g. (latín - exempli gratia) = por ejemplo
* e-government (electronic government) = administración electrónica, e-administración, gobierno electrónico
* e-inclusion = inclusión en el mundo electrónico, inclusión en el mundo de las redes
* e-journal (electronic journal) = revista electrónica
* e-learner (electronic learner) = estudiante virtual
* e-learning [electronic learning] = aprendizaje virtual, enseñanza virtual, aprendizaje a través de la red
* electronic publishing (e-publishing) = edición electrónica, publicaciones electrónicas
* e-lending [electronic lending] = préstamo electrónico
* e-lesson = clase virtual
* e-library (electronic library) = biblioteca electrónica
* e-list (electronic list) = lista electrónica, lista de distribución electrónica
* e-mail [email] = enviar por correo electrónico, mandar por correo electrónico, enviar un correo electrónico, mandar un correo electrónico
* e-mail (electronic mail) = correo electrónico, correo-e, emilio
* e-mailing = envío de correos electrónicos
* e-material [electronic material] = material electrónico
* e-metrics = estadísticas de uso de recursos electrónicos
* e-only access = acceso sólo electrónico
* e-preservation [electronic preservation] = conservación en formato electrónico
* e-print [eprint] = ejemplar anticipado electrónico, edición preliminar electrónica
* e-project [electronic project] = proyecto de digitalización
* e-publication [electronic publication] = publicación electrónica
* e-publisher [electronic publisher] = editor de publicaciones electrónicas
* electronic reference service [e-reference service] = servicio de referencia electrónica
* e-repository [electronic repository] = depósito de recursos electrónicos, archivo de recursos electrónicos
* e-resource [electronic resource] = recurso electrónico
* electronic scholarship [e-scholarship] = publicaciones académicas electrónicas, publicaciones científicas electrónicas
* e-science = ciencia virtual
* e-tailer = vendedor electrónico, vendedor por Internet
* e-text [electronic text] = texto electrónico
* e-zine (electronic magazine/EZine) = revista electrónica, revista web
* vitamin E = vitamina E
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  • Latin E
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  • Phoenician He
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  • He
E; E (letter); ASCII 69; ASCII 101; U+0045; U+0065; Letter E


Apo E
una apoliproteína presente en la IDLs (lipoproteínas de densidad intermedia) y VLDLs (lipoproteínas de muy baja densidad) que se cree interviene en la enfermedad de Alzheimer


Lafayette Escadrille

The La Fayette Escadrille (French: Escadrille de La Fayette) was the name of the French Air Force unit escadrille N 124 during the First World War (1914–1918). This escadrille of the Aéronautique Militaire was composed largely of American volunteer pilots flying fighters. It was named in honor of the Marquis de Lafayette, French hero of the American Revolutionary War. In September 1917, the escadrille was transferred to the US Army under the designation 103rd Aero Squadron. In 1921, The French Air Force recreated a N124 unit who claimed lineage from the war-time La Fayette escadrille and is now part of the escadron 2/4 La Fayette.