ex��cution de distorsion - traduction vers grec
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ex��cution de distorsion - traduction vers grec

EX-Z3; EX-S100; EX-S1; EX-Z55; EX-P700; EX-M2; Exilim; Exlim; Exslim; EX-Z57; Casio EX-P505; EX-Z60; EX-Z40; EX-S770; EX-S600; EX-Z77; EX-V8; Casio EX-Z850; EX-F1; CASIO EX-F1; Casio EXILIM; EX-Z850; EX-P505; EX-Z750; EX-V7; EX-S10; EX-Z1080; EX-P600; EX-Z50; EX-S500; EX-Z4; EX-Z70; EX-Z110; EX-Z75; EX-Z1050; EX-Z600; EX-FH20; EX-Z1000; EX-Z700; EX-Z120; EX-S880; EX-Z500; EX-Z1200; EX-M1; EX-Z5; EX-S3; EX-Z30; EX-Z9; EX-S2; EX-Z80; EX-Z12; EX-Z10; EX-Z100; EX-Z200; EX-H10; EX-H15; EX-Z800; EX-ZR200; EX-Z330; EX-FS10; EX-ZR100; Casio EX-Z70; Casio Exilim EX-Z70; Exilim EX-Z70; EX-S200; EX-Z33; EX-ZS6
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ex officio         
Ex officio; Ex-officio; Ex-Officio; Ex-officio member; Ex officio members
adj. αυτοδικαίως
fleur de lis         
  • The fleur-de-lis is used in the insignia of the 176th Medical Brigade as a tribute to the unit's service in France.
  • albarello]].
  • Crown shield and Fleur-de-lis of Kingdom of France
  • upright
  • Clovis]]. From the [[Bedford Hours]] in the [[British Library]], London.
  • A compass rose with a fleur-de-lis pointing north.
  • Coat of Arms of Serbia]]
  • Coronation of [[Louis VIII]] and Blanche of Castile at Reims in 1223.
  • Fleurs-de-lis on railings at [[Buckingham Palace]]
  • [[Charlemagne]], by [[Albrecht Dürer]], the [[anachronistic]] coat-of-arms above him show the [[German eagle]] and the French Fleur-de-lis.
  • [[New Orleans Saints]]
  • Christ]]
  • A soldier of the [[Manchester Regiment]] with their fleur-de-lis badge on his helmet, in 1941.
  • Tvrtko I's]] gold coin (14th century) reverse – with the Bosnian state fleur-de-lis coat of arms. (GLORIA TIBI DEUS SPES NOSTRA).
Fleur de lis; Fleur-de-lys; Fleurs-de-lis; Fleur de lys; Fleur-de-Lys; Flor de Lis; Fleurs-de-lys; Fleur-de-luce; Fleur de Lis; ⚜; Flower of lily; Fleur-du-lis; Fleurs de lis; Fleur-de-Lis; Fleur de Lys; Fleur-des-lis; French lily; Fleurs de lys; Fleurdelis; Florentine lily; Florentine fleur-de-lis; Florentine fleur-de-lys; Heraldic lily; Golden Lily (Bosnia and Herzegovina); ⚜️
n. κρίνος, οικόσημο των βασιλέων της γαλλίας
Rio De Janeiro         
  • Brazilian Academy of Letters]]
  • Downtown Rio]], in the financial district of the city
  • date=23 May 2008 }}, from the [[Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics]].</ref>
  • [[Bike Rio]] rental station in Mauá Square, Downtown Rio
  • Sugarloaf]] cable car between the 1940s and 1950s
  • [[Sugarloaf Cable Car]] approaching the summit
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  • City of Arts]]
  • Largo da Carioca, in Downtown Rio
  • National Museum of Fine Arts]]
  • 25px
  • Museum of Modern Art]]
  • [[Museum of Tomorrow]]
  • Convent of Santo Antônio]]'' (Convent of St. Anthony), {{circa}} 1816
  • Founding of Rio de Janeiro on 1 March 1565
  • Superior institute of Education of Rio de Janeiro (ISERJ)
  • [[Barra da Tijuca]] with [[Pedra da Gávea]] in background
  • Public transport map of Rio de Janeiro
  • [[TransOeste]] Bus Rapid Transit (BRT)
  • archive-date=18 June 2015}}</ref>
  • Rio de Janeiro, {{circa}} 1910s
  • Rio de Janerio (state)]] population pyramid in 2021
  • Guanabara]].
  • Municipal Theatre of Rio de Janeiro]]
  • }
Rio De Janeiro; Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; Rio de Janiero; Rio De Janeiro, Brazil; Río de Janeiro; Rio de Janeiro (city); Rio De Janiero; UN/LOCODE:BRRIO; Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro; Rio de janerio; São Sebastião do Rio de Janeiro; Rio de Janero; River of January; January River; Rio de janero; Rio de Janerio; City of Rio de Janeiro; R. Janeiro; R Janeiro; Rio de Janeiro, RJ; Sao Sebastiao do Rio de Janeiro; Rio di Janeiro; Río de Jeneiro; Rio de Janeiro city; Rio Janeiro; Rio de Janeiro (Brazil); The Marvelous City; Rio de janeiro; Río de Janeiro, Brazil; Rio de Janeiro City; Rio-de-Janeiro; Rio, Brazil; BRRIO; Rio de Janiero, Brazil; Rio de Jainero; Faz Quem Quer; Social issues in Rio de Janeiro; Environmental issues in Rio de Janeiro; Ports in Rio de Janeiro
n. ρίο ιανέιρο


ex officio
a (ex oh-fish-ee-oh)dj. Latin for "from the office," to describe someone who has a right because of an office held, such as being allowed to sit on a committee simply because one is president of the corporation.


Casio Exilim

Exilim is a brand of digital cameras introduced in 2002 by Casio.

The Exilim Card series was notably thinner than other small digital cameras at the time of its introduction, typically 10–15 millimetres thick compared to other manufacturers' comparable models that were 25–35 millimeters thick. This sparked competition to make slimmer compact digital cameras, with other manufacturers bringing out lines of comparably thin cameras from 2004.

On April 24, 2018, Casio ceased the production of its digital cameras, including the Exilim brand following the loss of some 500 million yen that ended in March 2017.