- Ah ! soupirait-il, si je pouvais retrouver le Bras d'Or, c'est ��a qui remonterait M le cur�� ! - traduction vers Anglais
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- Ah ! soupirait-il, si je pouvais retrouver le Bras d'Or, c'est ��a qui remonterait M le cur�� ! - traduction vers Anglais

C'Est Le Dernier Qui A Parlé A Raison; C'Est Le Dernier Qui A Parle A Raison; C'est le dernier qui a parle qui a raison; C'est le dernier qui a parlé qui a raison; France in the Eurovision Song Contest 1991; Le Dernier qui a parle...; Le Dernier qui a parlé…

Le Havre         
  • Saint-Roch Square.
  • Graville Abbey
  • [[Tramway du Havre]]
  • The interior of the [[University of Le Havre]] library
  • Statue of the writer [[Bernardin de Saint-Pierre]] in front of the Law Courts in Le Havre.
  • 120px
  • The EDF Thermal power plant of Le Havre.
  • The neighborhood of the church of Saint-Vincent extending toward the coast
  • The cemetery of Sainte-Marie
  • Claude Monet, ''[[Impression, Sunrise]]'', 1872, painted in the Port of Le Havre.
  • Climatic Graph]] for Le Havre
  • Commercial area of the south side of the [[Vauban Docks]] in 2009
  • A Ferry ([[LD Lines]]) in the port of Le Havre.
  • Fishing Port
  • Saint Roch Square
  • Le Havre railway station]]
  • Georges de Scudéry
  • The nave of [[Le Havre Cathedral]].
  • The Palace of Justice
  • The Vauban Basin and the ISEL building (right)
  • Breton Festival in the Saint-François district
  • Le Havre skyline in 2005
  • The skatepark
  • Overview of the [[Museum of modern art André Malraux - MuMa]]
  • Charles Alexandre Leseur in 1818
  • Map of Le Havre: to the south the Seine estuary; to the west the [[English Channel]].
  • CTPO]]
  • [[Camille Pissarro]], ''[http://www.muma-lehavre.fr/en/collections/artworks-in-context/impressionism/the-outer-harbour-the-pilots-jetty/camille-pissarro The Outer Harbour of Le Havre, Morning, Sun, Tide]'', 1902, [[Museum of modern art André Malraux - MuMa]]
  • View of the rebuilt central city: the belfry of the town hall and the bell tower of the ''Church of Saint-Joseph du Havre''.
  • Le Havre under snow
  • Plan of Le Havre and its town centre rebuilt after the [[Second World War]]
  • lock]].
  • Port Vauban
  • The Sub-préfecture
  • The [[Stade Océane]]
  • Le Havre in the late 19th century
  • An old house in Le Havre, now Musée du Vieux Havre
Le Havre-de-Grace; Le Havre, France; Le Havre-de-Grâce; Breaute; Le Harvre; L'Havre; Le Harve; Le Havre, the City Rebuilt by Auguste Perret; Le Harve, Upper Normandy; Havre de Grâce; Coat of arms of Le Havre; Le Havre, Seine-Maritime
Le Havre (città nel nord ovest della Francia)
burnt out         
Sauf le respect que je vous dois; Burnt Out (film)
adj. spento, consumato, morto; (El) fulminato, bruciato; (Mot) fuso
Le Corbusier         
  • The [[headquarters of the United Nations]] designed by Le Corbusier, [[Oscar Niemeyer]] and [[Wallace K. Harrison]] (1947–1952)
  • The Anatole Schwob House in La-Chaux-de-Fonds (1916–1918)
  • The holiday cabin where he spent his last days in [[Roquebrune-Cap-Martin]]
  • Tsentrosoyuz]], headquarters of Soviet trade unions, Moscow (1928–34)
  • ''Maison Dom-Ino (Dom-ino House)'']]
  • The [[Immeuble Clarté]] in [[Geneva]] (1930–1932)
  • Frame of an LC4 chair by Le Corbusier and Perriand (1927–28) at Museum of Decorative Arts, Paris
  • Le Corbusier, 1921, ''Nature morte'' (''Still Life''), oil on canvas, 54 x 81 cm, [[Musée National d'Art Moderne]], Paris
  • abbr=on}}, Fondation Le Corbusier, Paris
  • abbr=on}}, [[Museum of Modern Art]], New York
  • Le Corbusier, work reproduced in Život 2 (1922)
  • abbr=in}}, [[Kunstmuseum Basel]]
  • [[Gustavo Capanema Palace]], Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)
  • ''[[Open Hand Monument]]'' in Chandigarh, India
  • The Pavilion of the Esprit Nouveau (1925)
  • The model of the [[Plan Voisin]] for the reconstruction of Paris displayed at the Pavilion of the Esprit Nouveau
Charles Edouard Jeanneret; Charles-Edouard Jeannert Le Corbusier; Charles Edouard Jeanneret-Gris; Charles-Edouard Jeanneret; Charles-Édouard Jeanneret; Charles Édouard Jeanneret; Charles Jeanneret; Charles Le Corbusier; Tower in a park; Charles-Édouard Le Corbusier; Charles-Edouard Jeannere; Corbusier; Le Corbisier; Le courbusier; Charles-Edouard Le Corbusier; Charles-Edouard Jeanneret-Gris; Edouard Corbusier; Charles-Édouard Jeanneret-Gris; Lecorbusier; Le Corbuisier; Corbusierian; Corbusian; Le Corbu; When the Cathedrals Were White
Le Corbusier, pseudonimo di Charles Edouard Jeanneret (1831-1912) noto architetto francese pioniere dell"archittettura urbana moderna


LAN Emulation (Reference: LANE, ATM)


Le Dernier qui a parlé...

"Le Dernier qui a parlé..." (French pronunciation: ​[lə dɛʁnje ki a paʁle]; "The last to have spoken...") is a song written and performed in French by Amina, to music by Wasis Diop. It was France's entry in the Eurovision Song Contest 1991, performed as "C'est le dernier qui a parlé qui a raison" ("It's the last to have spoken who is right").