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  • alt=A mushroom with a brown smooth cap the shape of a halved sphere, atop a thick, dirty white stipe. The mushroom is growing on a sloping patch of ground amongst moss, twigs and other forest debris; trees can be faintly seen in the background.
  • Cross-section showing white flesh, broad stem, and spore tubes on the underside of the cap
  • alt=A group of three mushrooms with reddish-brown caps, bright yellow porous undersides, and thick white stipes. They are growing on the ground in soil covered with pine needles.
  • alt=Side view of the head and upper body of a man wearing a dark jacket and white ruffled collar.
  • alt=Skeletal formula depicting the amino acids cysteine and glycine joined in a peptide bond, with free carboxy and amino groups at either end of the peptide chain. Parentheses around the peptide bond indicate a variable number of amino acids are involved.
  • A pile of dried porcini at the [[Borgotaro]] festival of the porcino, Italy
  • A porcini mushroom and noodle soup served in a bread bowl at a Polish restaurant
  • Porcini can vary considerably in size.
Porcini mushroom; Porcini; Cèpe; Cepes; Cèpes; King bolete; Cepe; Cep; Boletus betulicola; Boletus persoonii; Boletus quercicola; Boletus venturii; King bolete mushroom; Porcini Mushroom; Boletus chippewaensis; Cep (mushroom)
¦ noun an edible mushroom with a smooth brown cap and pores rather than gills. [Boletus edulis.]
C19: from Fr. cepe, from Gascon cep 'tree trunk, mushroom', from L. cippus 'stake'.
Jan Čep         
  • Jan Čep
Jan Cep
Jan Čep (31 December 1902, Myslechovice – 25 January 1974, Paris) was a Czech writer and translator.
Center for Economics and Politics         
Center for Economics and Politics (abbreviated CEP) is a think-tank based in the Czech Republic, founded by leader of Civic Democratic Party Václav Klaus in 1998. Other people involved with CEP include Petr Mach and Jan Skopeček.


Cep (disambiguation)

Cep, also called porcino, is a common name for Boletus edulis, an edible mushroom.

Cep or CEP may also refer to:

Exemples de prononciation pour CEP
1. So you'll pick wonderful example of porcini around, so cep,
Vegetables _ Antonio Carluccio _ Talks at Google
2. This is a cep, because that's what I do as well, some sticks,
Vegetables _ Antonio Carluccio _ Talks at Google
Exemples du corpus de texte pour CEP
1. CEP president Jennings says it could become a model.
2. The CEP has submitted its recommendations which are wholesome, all encompassing and futuristic.
3. Search for "Jack Jennings CEP" on Google, and you get nearly 24,000 hits.
4. The recommendations by the CEP for the Summit endorse the concept of enlightened moderation of President Musharraf.
5. Even election day itself has been delayed – from Nov. 6 to the 20th – but, say members of the CEP, will not be pushed back any further.