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Caroline (disambiguation); Caroline (song)

·noun A coin. ·see Carline.
II. Caroline ·noun A silver coin once current in some parts of Italy, worth about seven cents.
¦ adjective
1. (also Carolean -'li:?n) relating to the reigns of Charles I and II of England (1625-49; 1660-85).
2. another term for Carolingian.
C17: from med. L. Carolus 'Charles'.
Caroline Records         
  • Caroline label design in the UK
Caroline Records (New York record label); Wood Records; Caroline Records (UK); Caroline Records (U.S.); Caroline Records (US); Gyroscope (record label); Caroline Blue Plate; Caroline (Universal); Caroline (UMG); Turnstile Music; Primo Scree
Caroline Records is a record label originally founded in 1973. Initially founded in the United Kingdom to showcase British progressive rock groups, the label ceased releasing titles in 1976, and then re-emerged in the United States in 1986.



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