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Qu'est-ce (qui) est host - définition

Hosts; HOSTS; Host (event); Host (disambiguation); Host (album)

¦ noun
1. a person who receives or entertains other people as guests.
the presenter of a television or radio programme.
2. Biology an animal or plant on or in which a parasite or commensal organism lives.
3. the recipient of transplanted tissue or a transplanted organ.
4. a computer which mediates multiple access to databases or provides other services to a network.
5. an area in which particular people or things are found: the reef is host to shoals of fish.
¦ verb act as host at (an event) or for (a television or radio programme).
ME: from OFr. hoste, from L. hospes, hospit- 'host, guest'.
¦ noun
1. (a host/hosts of) a large number of.
2. archaic an army.
ME: from OFr. ost, hoost, from L. hostis 'stranger, enemy' (in med. L. 'army').
¦ noun (the Host) the bread consecrated in the Eucharist.
ME: from OFr. hoiste, from L. hostia 'victim'.
1) to play host to (who will play host to the next Olympic Games?)
2) a congenial host
3) host to (which city will be host to the next World's Fair?)
(hosts, hosting, hosted)
Frequency: The word is one of the 700 most common words in English.
The host at a party is the person who has invited the guests and provides the food, drink, or entertainment.
Apart from my host, I didn't know a single person there...
If someone hosts a party, dinner, or other function, they have invited the guests and provide the food, drink, or entertainment.
Tonight she hosts a ball for 300 guests.
A country, city, or organization that is the host of an event provides the facilities for that event to take place.
Barcelona was chosen to be host of the 1992 Olympic games.
N-COUNT: oft N n
If a country, city, or organization hosts an event, they provide the facilities for the event to take place.
Cannes hosts the annual film festival.
If a person or country plays host to an event or an important visitor, they host the event or the visit.
The Prime Minister played host to French Premier Jacques Chirac.
PHRASE: V inflects
The host of a radio or television show is the person who introduces it and talks to the people who appear in it.
I am host of a live radio programme.
= presenter
N-COUNT: usu with supp
The person who hosts a radio or television show introduces it and talks to the people who appear in it.
She also hosts a show on St Petersburg Radio.
A host of things is a lot of them.
A host of problems may delay the opening of the Channel Tunnel...
= multitude
A host or a host computer is the main computer in a network of computers, which controls the most important files and programs.
N-COUNT: oft N n
The host of a parasite is the plant or animal which it lives on or inside and from which it gets its food. (TECHNICAL)
When the eggs hatch the larvae eat the living flesh of the host animal.
N-COUNT: oft N n
The Host is the bread which is used to represent the body of Christ in Christian church services such as Holy Communion. (TECHNICAL)
N-COUNT: usu sing, the N



A host is a person responsible for guests at an event or for providing hospitality during it.

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Exemples du corpus de texte pour host
1. The U.S. team, which defeated host Sweden in Sunday‘s semifinal in Goteborg, will host Russia in the final in November.
2. King to Host 1,000 Pilgrims The government will host about 1,000 pilgrims from different continents to perform Haj this year.
3. Sky News presenter Holmes, 48, stood in for regular This Morning host Philip Schofield to co–host the ITV show.
4. English champions Chelsea are away to Blackburn, Liverpool host Premiership newcomers Reading, Charlton take on Bolton and Newcastle host Portsmouth.
5. Al Ghurair City will host a traditional Lebanese wedding on Sunday and Ibn Battuta Mall will host an Indian wedding.