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Mail box; Mailbo; Mailbox (disambiguation)

A mailbox is a box outside your house where your letters are delivered. (AM)
A mailbox is a metal box in a public place, where you put letters and packets to be collected. They are then sorted and delivered. (mainly AM; in BRIT, use post box
On a computer, your mailbox is the file where your e-mail is stored.
N-COUNT: usu sing
1. <messaging> A file belonging to a particular user on a particular computer in which received electronic mail messages are stored ready for the user to read them. A mailbox may be just an electronic mail address to which messages are sent and may not actually correspond to a file if the messages are processed automatically, e.g. a mail server or mailing list. 2. <programming> A destination for interprocess messages in a message passing system. A mailbox is a message queue, usually stored in the memory of the processor on which the receiving process is running. Primitives are provided for sending a message to a named mailbox and for reading messages from a mailbox. (1994-10-20)
¦ noun
1. N. Amer. a box into which mail is delivered, especially one mounted on a post at the entrance to a person's property.
a post box.
2. a computer file in which email messages are stored.



Mailbox may refer to:

  • Letter box (also known as a letter plate, letter hole, deed or mail slot), a private receptacle for incoming mail
  • Post box (also known as a drop box), a public receptacle for outgoing mail
    • Pillar box, a freestanding post box in the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth
  • Email box, a destination for electronic messages
  • Mailbox (application), email management software for mobile devices
  • Mailbox Birmingham, a retail complex in Birmingham, England
  • The Mailbox (film), a short movie by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
  • Message queue, a means of interprocess communication in software engineering
  • Pigeon-hole messagebox, also known as a cubbyhole, pigeon-hole or pidge
  • a square-centric method of addressing a game board in game playing computer automatons - see Board representation (computer chess)
Exemples de prononciation pour mailbox
1. around their mailbox.
Green Illusions _ Ozzie Zehner _ Talks at Google
2. the public service's mailbox,
3. portals, mayor's mailboxes.
Chinese Politics & Authoritarian Regimes _ Professor Rory Truex _ Talks at Google
4. to wait by the mailbox.
5. like a found fragment in their mailbox.
Exemples du corpus de texte pour mailbox
1. These guys have been making traditional mailbox deliveries for years.
2. Cohen‘s mailbox, on the other hand, there are only bills.
3. He reads all the campaign fliers, called "the slicks," that clog his mailbox.
4. Staff at BBC Birmingham, in the Mailbox businesses and flats centre, were evacuated.
5. Then, today, in the mailbox I found a little printed page: Lost Puppy. $100 Reward.