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Network (disambiguation); Networks; Network (movie); Networking; Networked; Network structure; Netwrok; Net work; Various Network; Networking (disambiguation); Network (film)

Crescendo Networks         
Crescendo networks
Crescendo Networks, Ltd. was a privately held computer networking company headquartered in Sunnyvale, California with regional offices in EMEA and APAC.
Social Networks (journal)         
Social Networks; Soc Networks; Soc. Networks; Soc. Netw.; Soc Netw
Social Networks is a quarterly peer-reviewed academic journal covering research on social network theory. The editors-in-chief are Thomas Valente (University of Southern California) and Martin Everett (University of Manchester).
Networking is the process of trying to meet new people who might be useful to you in your job, often through social activities. (BUSINESS)
If executives fail to exploit the opportunities of networking they risk being left behind.
You can refer to the things associated with a computer system or the process of establishing such a system as networking.
Managers have learned to grapple with networking, artificial intelligence, computer-aided engineering and manufacturing. and networking equipment.



Network, networking and networked may refer to:

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1. Most of the equipment was donated by three companies: Intel Corp., Tropos Networks and Pronto Networks.
2. Our life–sustaining critical infrastructure such as communications networks, energy networks, and food and water distribution networks could all break down.
3. They test and evaluate systems such as local area networks, wide area networks, intranets and other data communications systems.
4. The announcement will be shown on all major U.S. television networks, including popular networks such as MTV.
5. Three of Australia‘s main television networks planned to carry the ceremony live and provide feeds to U.S. and international networks.