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Postal system; Snail mail; Postage; Postal service; Postal Service; Postal mail; Snail-mail; Postal services; Paper mail; Land mail; P-mail; Snailmail; First class mail; First Class Mail; First Class mail; Mail delivery; First-class mail; Bypass mail; Recorded mail; Recorded delivery; Recorded post; Registered delivery; First Class post; 1st Class post; 🖅; 🖆; Post service; First-Class Mail; Mailing
  • An automated postal machine
  • Postmaster Anselm Franz, 2nd Prince von Thurn & Taxis (1681–1739) still today part of the logo of the Whitepages in many countries
  • The first [[airmail]] flight in Germany, 1912.
  • Union with Greece]] to Egypt in 1914 showing numbered registration label
  • ''Le Philateliste'' by [[François Barraud]] (1929).
  • A [[postman]] collecting mail for delivery
  • Many early post systems consisted of fixed courier routes. Here, a post house on a postal route in the 19th century [[Finland]]
  • "The Steamboat" – mobile steaming equipment used by Czech [[StB]] for unsticking of envelopes during correspondence surveillance
  • First Class]] and Standard Mail delivery.)
  • The [[Penny Black]], the world's first postage stamp
  • [[Pillar boxes]] on the island of [[Madeira]], Portugal. (1st class mail in blue and 2nd class in red)
  • An example of a main post office building in [[KrakĂłw]], [[Poland]]
  • Delivery by bicycle in [[Germany]]
  • archive-date=2012-09-04 }} First Issues Collectors Club (retrieved 25 September)</ref> as part of a comprehensive reform of the district's postal system.
  • [[China]] 4-cent on 100-dollar silver overprint of 1949
  • This antique "letter-box" style U.S. mailbox is both on display and in use at the [[Smithsonian Institution Building]].

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Snail Mail (disambiguation)
<messaging> (Or "snailmail", "smail" from "US Mail" via "USnail"; "paper mail"). Bits of dead tree sent via the postal service as opposed to electronic mail. One's postal address is, correspondingly, a "snail (mail) address". There have even been parody USnail posters and stamps made. The variant "paper-net" is a hackish way of referring to the postal service, comparing it to a very slow, low-reliability network. Sig blocks sometimes include a "Paper-Net:" header just before the sender's postal address; common variants of this are "Papernet" and "P-Net". Note that the standard netiquette guidelines discourage this practice as a waste of bandwidth, since netters are quite unlikely to casually use postal addresses and if they really wanted your snail mail address they could always ask for it by e-mail. Compare voice-net, sneakernet, P-mail. (1995-01-31)
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Snail Mail (disambiguation)
Š noun informal the ordinary post as opposed to email.
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Snail Mail (disambiguation)
Some computer users refer to the postal system as snail mail, because it is very slow in comparison with e-mail.



The mail or post is a system for physically transporting postcards, letters, and parcels. A postal service can be private or public, though many governments place restrictions on private systems. Since the mid-19th century, national postal systems have generally been established as a government monopoly, with a fee on the article prepaid. Proof of payment is usually in the form of an adhesive postage stamp, but a postage meter is also used for bulk mailing.

Postal authorities often have functions aside from transporting letters. In some countries, a postal, telegraph and telephone (PTT) service oversees the postal system, in addition to telephone and telegraph systems. Some countries' postal systems allow for savings accounts and handle applications for passports.

The Universal Postal Union (UPU), established in 1874, includes 192 member countries and sets the rules for international mail exchanges as a Specialized Agency of the United Nations.

Exemples de prononciation pour snail-mail
1. text, WhatsApp, phone, email, snail mail.
Susan McPherson _ The Lost Art of Connecting _ Talks at Google
2. Well, the story goes, snail mail, at this time,
Beyond the Label - Women, Leadership & Success on Our Own Terms _ Maureen Chiquet _ Talks at Google
3. Snail mail is still one of the best ways to get offers.
The Points Guy _ Brian Kelly _ Talks at Google
4. It used to be very much used like a snail mail letter.
Digital Etiquette - The Future of Good Manners _ Victoria Turk _ Talks at Google
5. way through the, through snail mail, and they use couriers to drop the things at the post
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1. If the colony does this by snail mail (as opposed to telegram), it is likely to be three weeks or so before Khodorkovsky has an address.
2. Beyond traditional snail–mail and e–mail, however, the Communications Ministry has another dream for the Postal Company: hybrid mail services.
3. And sometimes, in this technological whirlwind, it takes a piece of snail mail to carry the stamp of authenticity.
4. Evanovich Inc. constantly reminds its audience of a coming book, using its Internet site and a snail–mail newsletter, television commercials and radio spots.
5. By Ellen NakashimaWashington Post Staff WriterTuesday, October 31, 2006; A1' Time was when soldiers, if they wanted to vote, had to request ballots by snail mail, fill them out and return them the same way.