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Qu'est-ce (qui) est CB - définition

(22399) 1995 CB      
1995 سي بي (ويعرف أيضًا باسم (22399) 1995 سي بي وفق تسمية الكوكب الصغير) ؛ هو كويكب ضمن حزام الكويكبات.
Exemples du corpus de texte pour CB
1. CB–38, Habibullah Colony, Aziz Bhatti Road, Abbotabad.
2. The police don‘t normally use CB radio when they want to talk to each other.
3. FOOTBALL National Football League BALTIMORE RAVENS_Signed CB Deion Sanders to a one–year contract.
4. He recalled: ‘Her CB radio handle was Ebony Queen because of her long, dark hair.
5. He was appointed CB in 1'7' and was a Deputy Lieutenant for Surrey.