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Adolph Hannover         
Adolph Hannover (24 November 1814 - 7 July 1894) was a Danish pathologist who in 1843 carried out the first definitive microscopic description of a cancer cell. Hannover is said to have introduced the microscope to Denmark, but his work had widespread influence; his book Om Mikroskopets Bygning og dets Brug (1847) was translated into English and several other languages.
Hannover C.IV         
Hannover CL IV; Hannover F.3; Hannover CL.IV
The Hannover C.IV was a prototype escort fighter built in Germany during World War I, which formed the basis for a passenger aircraft following the war.
Hannover H 1 Vampyr         
  • The 1921 version
  • Vampyr replica at the ''[[Deutsches Segelflugmuseum mit Modellflug]]'' (German Glider Museum) Wasserkuppe
  • The '''Vampyr''', commemorated in a 1979 [[West German]] [[postage stamp]], showing the 1922 warping wing and the 1923 extended rudder
Hannover Vampyr; HaWa Vampyr; Akaflieg Hannover Strolch; Akaflieg Hannover Moritz
The Hannover H.1 Vampyr (known in Germany as the HaWa Vampyr) was a German glider designed by Georg Madelung for the 1921 Rhön gliding competition, which was held at the Wasserkuppe from 8 August to 25 August 1921.