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Professor Albert H. Munsell; Albert Munsell; Albert H. Munsell; A.H. Munsell; A. Munsell; AH Munsell
  • This image shows the Munsell Color space and the orientation of the hue, value, and chroma dimensions.
  • This wheel shows the principal hues of Munsell Hue. Inside the wheel, the notation for Munsell Hue can also be seen.
  • Several different editions and page selections from the Munsell ''Book of Color''.

Munsell color system         
Munsell Colour System; Munsell book of color; Chroma (color); Munsell Color System; Munsell chart; Munsell system; Munsell color; Munsell colours; Munsell colour; Munsell colour system; Munsell Color Wheel
In colorimetry, the Munsell color system is a color space that specifies colors based on three properties of color: hue (basic color), chroma (color intensity), and value (lightness). It was created by Professor Albert H.
Albert Siklós         
Albert Siklos; Albert siklos; Albert Schönwald; Albert Schoenwald; Albert Schonwald
Albert Siklós (born Albert Schönwald: 26 June 1878 in Budapest – 3 April 1942 in Budapest) was a Hungarian composer.
Uncle Albert         
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Albert Trotter; Albert Gladstone Trotter
Albert Gladstone Trotter, better known as Uncle Albert (19 November 1920 – 2001), was a fictional character in the BBC sitcom Only Fools and Horses, portrayed by Buster Merryfield. He was introduced during the fourth series as a replacement for the character of Grandad due to the sudden death of Lennard Pearce in 1984.


Albert Henry Munsell

Albert Henry Munsell (January 6, 1858 – June 28, 1918) was an American painter, teacher of art, and the inventor of the Munsell color system.

He was born in Boston, Massachusetts, attended and served on the faculty of Massachusetts Normal Art School, and died in nearby Brookline.

As a painter, he was noted for seascapes and portraits.

Munsell is famous for inventing the Munsell color system, an early attempt at creating an accurate system for numerically describing colors. He wrote three books about it: A Color Notation (1905), Atlas of the Munsell Color System (1915) and one published posthumously, A Grammar of Color: Arrangements of Strathmore Papers in a Variety of Printed Color Combinations According to The Munsell Color System (1921). The Munsell color order system has gained international acceptance and has served as the foundation for many color order systems, including CIELAB. In 1917, he founded the Munsell Color Company.