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Alfred North (water polo)         
Alfred North (water polo player)
Alfred Sydney North (7 February 1906Some sources give his year of birth as 1908 – September 1988) was a British water polo player who competed in the 1936 Summer Olympics.
Whitehead (surname)         
R Whitehead; G. Whitehead; J. Whitehead
Whitehead is a surname. Recorded in a number of spellings including Whithead, Whitehed, Whithed, and Whitsed, this surname is of English origins.
Þór Whitehead         
Thor Whitehead; THor Whitehead
Þór Whitehead (Thor Whitehead) (born 19 August 1943) is an Icelandic historian. He is currently a professor at the University of Iceland.


Alfred North Whitehead
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1. Sir Alfred North Whitehead, held,
John Lennox _ 2084 - Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Humanity _ Talks at Google
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1. Less need for approval In his final analysis, Shachtman invokes the theories of the great psychologists Abraham Maslow and Alfred North Whitehead to help him sort it all out.