AC$372$ - traduzione in italiano
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AC$372$ - traduzione in italiano

Route 372; Highway 372; State Route 372; State Highway 372; State Road 372; SR 372; SH 372; SR-372; SH-372; SR372; SH372; Federal Highway 372; National Highway 372; Federal Road 372; National Road 372; Federal Route 372; National Route 372; List of highways numbered 372 (disambiguation)
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corpo armato, unità armata, divisione (milit.)
alternating current         
  • The prototype of the ZBD transformer on display at the Széchenyi István Memorial Exhibition, [[Nagycenk]] in [[Hungary]]
  • A schematic representation of long distance electric power transmission. From left to right: G=generator, U=step up transformer, V=voltage at beginning of transmission line, Pt=power entering transmission line, I=current in wires, R=total resistance in wires, Pw=power lost in transmission line, Pe=power reaching the end of the transmission line,    D=step down transformer , C=consumers.
  • Three-phase high-voltage [[transmission line]]s use alternating currents to distribute power over long distances between [[electric generation]] plants and consumers. The lines in the picture are located in eastern [[Utah]].
  •  Period
  • A sine wave, over one cycle (360°). The dashed line represents the [[root mean square]] (RMS) value at about 0.707.
  • Alternating current (green curve). The horizontal axis measures time (it also represents zero voltage/current); the vertical, current or voltage.
  • Westinghouse Early AC System 1887<br /> ([ US patent 373035])
  • The Hungarian "ZBD" Team ([[Károly Zipernowsky]], [[Ottó Bláthy]], [[Miksa Déri]]), inventors of the first high efficiency, closed-core shunt connection [[transformer]]
Alternating-current electric power; Alternating current electric power; Alternate current; AC current; Alternating Current; Alternating-current circuit theory; Alternating-current generator; Alternating-current motor; Alternating-current; Alternate Current; AC electricity; Alternating Current Power; V ac; Oscillating current; AC frequency; ⏦; AC voltage; Root mean square AC voltage; AC mains; AC Mains; Ac Current; A.C. current; A.C. voltage; Undulatory current; Undulating current
corrente alternata
AC Milan         
  • ''Curva Sud'' of the San Siro
  • Milan captain [[Paolo Maldini]] lifting the European Cup after they won the [[2002–03 UEFA Champions League]]
  • ''Brigate Rossonere''
  • Piazza del Duomo]], [[Milan]]
  • Milan celebrates winning the [[2006–07 UEFA Champions League]].
  • AC Milan headquarter in [[Milan]]
  • Alfred Edwards]], the first chairman of the club in 1899–1909
  • European Cup Winners' Cup]] final in 1968
  • [[Herbert Kilpin]], the club's first captain and one of its founding members
  • Scene of a Derby della Madonnina in 1915
  • The AC Milan formation that won the Italian championship in 1901
  • [[Paolo Maldini]] made a record 902 appearances for Milan, including 647 in [[Serie A]].
  • 1993–94 edition]] of the tournament.
  • Entrance to ''[[Milanello]]'', the AC Milan training facility
  • [[Coat of arms]] of the city of Milan – has been the club badge worn on match kits from the origins to the mid 1940s
  • [[Nereo Rocco]], the most successful manager in the history of AC Milan with 10 trophies
  • A partial view of the club's trophy room at the Mondo Milan Museum
  • Jerseys of [[Paolo Maldini]] (number 3), [[Kaká]] (number 22) and [[Zlatan Ibrahimović]] (number 11) in the [[San Siro]] museum
  • Milan derby]]
  • View of the San Siro in 1934
  • [[Stefano Pioli]] is the current coach of the club.
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AC Milan; Milan A.C.; Ac milan; A. C. Milan; Rossoneri; Associazione Calcio Milan SpA; A C Milan; Milan AC; Ac Milan; Associazione Calcio Milan; Milanello (mascot); I Rossoneri; Milan F.C.; A.C. Milan Anthem; AC Milan Anthem
Milano AC, squadra di calcio milanese (Italia)


Atlantic City, New Jersey.
AC is a pretty ghetto town.


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