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AC$532212$ - traduzione in italiano

Trast AC; Trust AC

alternating current         
  • The prototype of the ZBD transformer on display at the Széchenyi István Memorial Exhibition, [[Nagycenk]] in [[Hungary]]
  • A schematic representation of long distance electric power transmission. From left to right: G=generator, U=step up transformer, V=voltage at beginning of transmission line, Pt=power entering transmission line, I=current in wires, R=total resistance in wires, Pw=power lost in transmission line, Pe=power reaching the end of the transmission line,    D=step down transformer , C=consumers.
  • Three-phase high-voltage [[transmission line]]s use alternating currents to distribute power over long distances between [[electric generation]] plants and consumers. The lines in the picture are located in eastern [[Utah]].
  •  Period
  • A sine wave, over one cycle (360°). The dashed line represents the [[root mean square]] (RMS) value at about 0.707.
  • Alternating current (green curve). The horizontal axis measures time (it also represents zero voltage/current); the vertical, current or voltage.
  • Westinghouse Early AC System 1887<br /> ([ US patent 373035])
  • The Hungarian "ZBD" Team ([[Károly Zipernowsky]], [[Ottó Bláthy]], [[Miksa Déri]]), inventors of the first high efficiency, closed-core shunt connection [[transformer]]
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corrente alternata
AC Milan         
  • ''Curva Sud'' of the San Siro
  • Milan captain [[Paolo Maldini]] lifting the European Cup after they won the [[2002–03 UEFA Champions League]]
  • ''Brigate Rossonere''
  • Piazza del Duomo]], [[Milan]]
  • Milan celebrates winning the [[2006–07 UEFA Champions League]].
  • AC Milan headquarter in [[Milan]]
  • Alfred Edwards]], the first chairman of the club in 1899–1909
  • European Cup Winners' Cup]] final in 1968
  • [[Herbert Kilpin]], the club's first captain and one of its founding members
  • Scene of a Derby della Madonnina in 1915
  • The AC Milan formation that won the Italian championship in 1901
  • [[Paolo Maldini]] made a record 902 appearances for Milan, including 647 in [[Serie A]].
  • 1993–94 edition]] of the tournament.
  • Entrance to ''[[Milanello]]'', the AC Milan training facility
  • [[Coat of arms]] of the city of Milan – has been the club badge worn on match kits from the origins to the mid 1940s
  • [[Nereo Rocco]], the most successful manager in the history of AC Milan with 10 trophies
  • A partial view of the club's trophy room at the Mondo Milan Museum
  • Jerseys of [[Paolo Maldini]] (number 3), [[Kaká]] (number 22) and [[Zlatan Ibrahimović]] (number 11) in the [[San Siro]] museum
  • Milan derby]]
  • View of the San Siro in 1934
  • [[Stefano Pioli]] is the current coach of the club.
  • 18px
AC Milan; Milan A.C.; Ac milan; A. C. Milan; Rossoneri; Associazione Calcio Milan SpA; A C Milan; Milan AC; Ac Milan; Associazione Calcio Milan; Milanello (mascot); I Rossoneri; Milan F.C.; A.C. Milan Anthem; AC Milan Anthem
Milano AC, squadra di calcio milanese (Italia)


Atlantic City, New Jersey.
AC is a pretty ghetto town.


Enosis Neon Trust

Enosis Neon Trust (Greek: Ένωσις Νέων Τραστ, Enosi Neon Trust, "Youth Union Trust") was a Cypriot football club based in Nicosia. It was a founding member of the Cyprus Football Association. The disbanding of the Pancyprian Football Organization (Greek: Παγκύπρια Οργάνωση Ποδοσφαίρου, "Pagkypria Organosi Podosfairou (POP)") in 1924 led to the creation of two new clubs: Trust AC and Panergatikos. Trust took their name from the English word trust.

The first Cypriot Championship and first Cypriot Cup were organized in 1934/35 and Trust won both competitions, thus becoming double winners for the first time in Cypriot football history. In the cup final of 1934,/35 Trust beat APOEL 1-0 in the replay final. The first leg was 0-0.

They were again cup winners in 1935/36, when they beat LTSK 4-1, but were beaten in the final the following season by APOEL Nicosia, with the game ending 2-1. After a one-year break, Trust won the cup for the third time in 1938, when they beat AEL Limassol 2-1 in the final. Despite the cups, the club's win in the first league competition in 1935 was the only Championship trophy ever won by the team. Until 1938 the team was always in second position, under the shadow of APOEL, which was constantly champion in that period. In 1938 the first Cypriot Champions disbanded their football club, because of financial problems. The colours of the club were yellow and green. Their stadium was the old GSP Stadium.