AWT$503114$ - traduzione in Inglese
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AWT$503114$ - traduzione in Inglese

Awt; AWT (disambiguation)

AWT, Abstract Windows Toolkit, kit di interfacce di programma Java che fornisce alle applicazioni Java un aspetto uniforme su tutte le piattaforme, (inform.)



AWT may stand for:

  • The Abstract Window Toolkit, part of the Java programming language
  • Antony Worrall Thompson, the British chef
  • Aphrodite World Tour, a 2011 concert tour by Australian pop/dance singer Kylie Minogue
  • Armathwaite railway station, England; National Rail station code AWT
  • Airborne wind turbine, a concept design wind turbine
  • Withholding tax, Automatic Withholding Tax (also known as WHT)
  • Advanced World Transport, Czech cargo railway operator
  • Alternative Waste Treatment, a subset of waste treatment. List of solid waste treatment technologies