Abyssinian$369$ - traduzione in italiano
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Abyssinian$369$ - traduzione in italiano

369 (year); Year 369; AD 369; 369 CE; 369 AD; Events in 369; Births in 369; Deaths in 369
  • Wulfila]] converts the [[Goths]] to [[Christianity]]
  • Saint [[Juvenal of Narni]]

adj. abissino, pertinente all"Abissinia o agli abitanti dell"Abissinia o alla lingua parlata in Abissinia
lion cub         
  • Lion in [[Gir National Park]]
  • Roaring and striding lion from the Throne Room of [[Nebuchadnezzar II]], 6th century BC, from [[Babylon]], Iraq
  • red ''[[Panthera spelaea]]''{{break}}blue ''[[Panthera atrox]]''{{break}}green ''[[Panthera leo]]''{{break}}{{break}}Maximal range of the modern lion{{break}}and its prehistoric relatives{{break}}in the late Pleistocene
  • [[Dorothy Gale]] meets the Cowardly Lion in ''[[The Wonderful Wizard of Oz]]''. Art by [[W. W. Denslow]], 1900.
  • Two captive male Asiatic lions in [[Sanjay Gandhi National Park]], India
  • Lions carved on a rock weight, [[Jiroft culture]], Iran, 3rd mil. BC
  • Lions in a tree near [[Lake Nakuru]]
  • Video of a wild lioness
  • Video of a lioness and her cubs in Phinda Reserve
  • A lioness in Gir National Park
  • Head rubbing among pride members is a common social behaviour.
  • Range map showing distribution of subspecies and clades
  • The Tsavo maneaters of East Africa on display in the [[Field Museum of Natural History]] in Chicago
  • Granite statue of the Egyptian goddess [[Sekhmet]] from the [[Luxor Temple]], dated 1403–1365 BC, exhibited in the [[National Museum of Denmark]]
  • 645–635 BC}}
  • url=https://www.researchgate.net/publication/266755142}}</ref> the lower one on the 2010<ref name=davis2010/> and 2011<ref name=mazak2011/> studies.
Panthera Leo; Panthera leo; Man-eating lions; Lions; Felis leo; Nubian lion; African Lion; African lion; Lion cub; LION; Lion (animal); Mane (lion); North East Congo lion; African lions; Lion penis; P. leo; Mane of a lion; Congo lion; Lion attack; Lions mating; Mating lions; Sexual behavior of lions; Reproductive behavior of lions; 🦁; Congo Lion; Ethiopian lion; Addis Ababa lion; Abyssinian lion; Central African lion; Northeast Congo lion; Addis Abeba lion; Panthera leo abyssinica; East-Central African lion; Lions in Ethiopia; Middle African lion; Lions in Africa; Northeast African lion; Sub-Saharan African lion; Hunting behavior of lions; Panthera leo leo × Panthera leo melanochaita; Panthera leo leo x Panthera leo melanochaita; Northeast Congolese lion; Taxonomy of lions; Panthera leo leo and Panthera leo melanochaita; Mixed lion populations; Central lion; Social behavior of lions; Evolutionary history of lions; Attack by lion; Man-eating lion


¦ adjective historical relating to Abyssinia (the former name of Ethiopia).
¦ noun
1. historical a native of Abyssinia.
2. a cat of a breed having long ears and short brown hair flecked with grey.



Year 369 (CCCLXIX) was a common year starting on Thursday (link will display the full calendar) of the Julian calendar. At the time, it was known as the Year of the Consulship of Galates and Victor (or, less frequently, year 1122 Ab urbe condita). The denomination 369 for this year has been used since the early medieval period, when the Anno Domini calendar era became the prevalent method in Europe for naming years.