Address Resolution Protocol - traduzione in italiano
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Address Resolution Protocol - traduzione in italiano

Address Resolution Protocol         
ARP (protocollo che fornisce indirizzi alle varie stazioni di lavoro nella rete locale)
address resolution         
Address resolution; Address Resolution; Address translation (disambiguation)
Risoluzione di indirizzi (conversione di indirizzi fra vari sistemi di lettura)
IP address         
IP addresss; IP Address; IP number; Internet protocol address; Internet Protocol address; IP adress; Internet address; Internet Address; Ip address; Server address; IP addresses; Dynamic IP address; Dynamic IP; Dynamic ip; Dynamic ip address; Static IP address; I.P. address; IP mapping; Static IP; IP addressing; Dynamic IP addresses; Dedicated IP address; Internet Protocol Address; Ip addresses; Net address; IP Addressing; IP Adress; IP address conflict; Static ip address; IP-Address; Shared IP address; IPDi Zhi; Public IP; Internet protocol Address; IPA address; Sticky ip; Sticky dynamic IP address; Autoconfiguration ip address; I/P address; I/P; Autoconfiguration IP address; Ip number; Sticky IP; IPaddress; IPLocation; Public IP Address; Public IP address; Dedicated IP; Internet Protocol Addresses; IP Addresses; I.P. Addresses; Dynamic ip range; Inet address; I. P. address; Sticky dynamic IP; User talk:Jeff G./IP Address conflict; Shared IP; Dynamic IPs; Network prefix; IP add; Static IP addresses; Wikipedia talk:Articles for creation/IP Address conflict; Draft:IP address conflict; IP Address conflict; IP Address Conflict; IP address Conflict; Ip address conflict; Routing prefix; IP-adress; Internet Protocol addresses
Indirizzo IP (nell"internet indirizzo in cifre indicante un computer specifico in Internet)


Address Resolution Protocol
<networking, protocol> (ARP) A method for finding a host's Ethernet address from its Internet address. The sender broadcasts an ARP packet containing the Internet address of another host and waits for it (or some other host) to send back its Ethernet address. Each host maintains a cache of address translations to reduce delay and loading. ARP allows the Internet address to be independent of the Ethernet address but it only works if all hosts support it. ARP is defined in RFC 826. The alternative for hosts that do not do ARP is {constant mapping}. See also proxy ARP, reverse ARP. (1995-03-20)


Address Resolution Protocol
The Address Resolution Protocol (ARP) is a communication protocol used for discovering the link layer address, such as a MAC address, associated with a given internet layer address, typically an IPv4 address. This mapping is a critical function in the Internet protocol suite.