Adolph Hannover - traduzione in Inglese
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Adolph Hannover - traduzione in Inglese

Adolph Hannover         
n. Adolph Hannover (1814-1894) anatomo danese
Walter Gropius         
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  • Gropius's ''[[Monument to the March Dead]]'' (1921) was dedicated to the memory of nine workers who died in Weimar resisting the [[Kapp Putsch]].
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Walter Adolph Gropius; Walter Adolf Georg Gropius; The Walter Gropius Archive; Georg Walter Adolf Gropius; Walter Adolph Georg Gropius; Walter Adolf Gropius
n. Walter Gropius, (1883-1969), noto architetto tedesco degli inizi del secolo ventesimo, fra i fondatori della corrente Bauhaus in architettura
Adolf Eichmann         
  • [[Universal Newsreel]] reports the verdict
  • Eichmann on trial in 1961
  • Hungarian woman and children arrive at [[Auschwitz-Birkenau]], May or June 1944 (photo from the [[Auschwitz Album]])
  • Eichmann's trial judges [[Benjamin Halevy]], [[Moshe Landau]], and [[Yitzhak Raveh]]
  • ''Referat'' IV B4]] (Office of Jewish Affairs) at Kurfürstenstraße 115/116, Berlin, now occupied by a hotel
  • Adolf Eichmann's ''Lebenslauf'' ([[résumé]]) attached to his application for promotion from SS-''[[Hauptscharführer]]'' to SS-''[[Untersturmführer]]'' in 1937
  • The [[teleprinter]] that was used to send messages regarding the capture of Eichmann to Israel's diplomatic missions around the world
  • Eichmann in the yard of [[Ayalon Prison]] in Israel, 1961
  • Map showing the location of the [[General Government]], 1941–1945
  • Red Cross]] passport for "Ricardo Klement", used by Eichmann to enter Argentina in 1950
Adolph Eichmann; Eichmann; Karl Adolf Eichmann; Ricardo Clement; Ricardo Klement; Eichman; Adolf Eichman; Adolph Eichman; Execution of Adolf Eichmann; Adolf Otto Eichmann; Capture of Adolf Eichmann; Adolf Ikeman; Adolf Karl Eichmann; Adolf Karl Eichman; Adolph Karl Eichmann; Adolph Karl Eichman; Operation Eichmann; Otto Adolf Eichmann; Hanging of Adolf Eichmann
n. (1906-62), alto funzionario del regime nazista durante la seconda guerra mondiale, giustiziato per crimini contro l"umanità


Adolph Hannover
Adolph Hannover (24 November 1814 - 7 July 1894) was a Danish pathologist who in 1843 carried out the first definitive microscopic description of a cancer cell. Hannover is said to have introduced the microscope to Denmark, but his work had widespread influence; his book Om Mikroskopets Bygning og dets Brug (1847) was translated into English and several other languages.