African National Congress Party - traduzione in italiano
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African National Congress Party - traduzione in italiano

Basutoland African Congress; Basotho Congress Party; Basutoland African National Congress

African National Congress Party      
Il partito del Congresso Nazionale Africano (partito in Sud Africa con a capo Mandela)
Congress Party         
  •  First session of Indian National Congress, Bombay, 28–31 December 1885
  • Congress Lok Sabha vote percentage all time
  • Congress Loksabha Seats all time
  • Congress Rajyasabha Seats all time
  •  Election symbol of Congress (R) party during the period 1971–1977
  • Flag adopted by INC, 1931
  • Gandhi]] at an AICC meeting in Bombay, 1940
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  • 150px
  • 150px
  • 80px
  • [[Indira Gandhi]] with U.S. President [[Richard Nixon]], 1971
  • 80px
  • 80px
  • 80px
  • The ''aligned countries'' on the northern hemisphere: [[NATO]] in blue and the [[Warsaw Pact]] in red.
  •  [[National Students' Union of India]] (NSUI) National Convention Inquilab-1 in Jaipur
  • Mahatma Gandhi and Jawaharlal Nehru during a meeting of the All India Congress, in 1946
  • Nehru]] signing the [[Indian Constitution]] c.1950
  • World Economic Summit]] 2009 in New Delhi
  • 80px
  • 80px
  • 80px
  • [[Bal Gangadhar Tilak]] speaking in 1907 as the Party split into moderates and extremists. Seated at the table is [[Aurobindo Ghosh]] and to his right (in the chair) is [[G. S. Khaparde]], both allies of Tilak.
  • [[Gamal Abdel Nasser]], [[Jawaharlal Nehru]], and [[Josip Broz Tito]], pioneers of the [[Non-Aligned Movement]]
  • [[Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury]], INC's leader in Lok Sabha
  • 11th [[President of India]] [[A. P. J. Abdul Kalam]] authorizing the Prime Minister designate [[Manmohan Singh]] to form the next Government in New Delhi on 19 May 2004.
  • [[Manmohan Singh]] and his wife during the passing out parade at the Platinum Jubilee Course of IMA on 10 December 2007; with foreign gentleman cadets.
  • [[Rajiv Gandhi]] addressing the Special Session of the United Nations on Disarmament, in New York City in June 1988
  • Visit of Narasimha Rao,to the CEC
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Indian National Congress Party; Congress party; Indian Congress party; Congress Parliamentary Party; Indian National Congress (Indira); Indian National Congress party; Congress(I); Indian Overseas Congress UK; The Indian National Congress; Congress alliance; Indian National Congress (I); I.N.C.; India National Congress; Indian national congress; Congress party of India; Post-independence Congress party; INC Political Party; All India National Congress; Indian National Congress - I; Save Goa Front; Ideology of the Indian National Congress; Congress Party (India); Bharatiya Rashtriya Congress; Congress (India); Leader of Indian National Congress in Lok Sabha; India Congress Party
Partito del congresso (il partito al potere in India)
African National Congress         
  • Nkosi Sikelel' iAfrika
  • left
  • 2017 conference]].
  • As ANC president (1991–97), [[Nelson Mandela]] saw the ANC expand and informally absorb other anti-apartheid groups.
  • The logo of the ANC in 1990, since updated.
  • [[Oliver Tambo]], ANC president in exile from 1967 to 1991.
  • 80–100%}}
African National; African national Congress; South African National Native Congress; National Democratic Revolution; African National Congress of South Africa; Flag of the African National Congress; ANC flag; ANC; South African Native National Congress; Duduzile Manana; Anc; Criticism of the African National Congress
n. Congresso Nazionale Africano, grande partito politico del Sud Africa con a capo Nelson Mandela


¦ abbreviation African National Congress.


Basutoland Congress Party

The Basutoland Congress Party is a pan-Africanist and left-wing political party in Lesotho.

The Basutoland African Congress (BAC) was founded in 1952 by Ntsu Mokhehle and Potlako Leballo. The party was renamed the Basutoland Congress Party (BCP) in 1957 and retained this name after independence in 1966, stating that Lesotho was not truly independent. Leballo left the party in 1959 to form the Pan Africanist Congress of South Africa (PAC).

The BCP lost the 1965 election but won in 1970. It was denied power by a coup d'état in support of the defeated prime minister Leabua Jonathan.

In 1974, following an unsuccessful rising, the BCP sent 178 men for military training by the PAC in Gaddafi's Libya. In 1979 they began a guerrilla war as the Lesotho Liberation Army (LLA).

The party won a landslide victory at the 1993 general election, and its leader Ntsu Mokhehle became prime minister. Mokhehle left the party in 1997 with his faction to form the Lesotho Congress for Democracy. The BCP was led by Tseliso Makhakhe, Qhobela Molapo, Ntsukunyane Mphanya and (currently) Thulo Mahlakeng.

At the 25 May 2002 general election, the party won 2.6% of the vote and 3 out of 120 seats.

Esempi dal corpus di testo per African National Congress Party
1. Mbeki‘s African National Congress party also has serious reservations about the effectiveness of Zimbabwe‘s political opposition.
2. The move was welcomed by opposition parties but risks alienating the left wing of the ruling African National Congress party.
3. China is an old friend of the African National Congress party of President Thabo Mbeki, which it supported while South Africa was under a racist white regime.
4. The South African Communist Party, another key ally of Mbeki and his ruling African National Congress party, also warned Sunday of an "overly powerful and concentrated" presidency.
5. The leadership of the ruling African National Congress party in South Africa‘s call for President Thabo Mbeki to resign means the end of an era in South African politics.