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African$1679$ - traduzione in italiano

1679 (year); Year 1679; AD 1679; 1679 CE; 1679 AD; Events in 1679; Births in 1679; Deaths in 1679
  • Antonio Farnese]]
  • [[June 22]]: [[Battle of Bothwell Bridge]].
  • A depiction by Sir William Allan of Sharp's assassination

n. africano, abitante dell" Africa
sleeping sickness         
  • The life cycle of the ''Trypanosoma brucei'' parasites
  • Two areas from a blood smear from a person with African trypanosomiasis, thin blood smear stained with [[Giemsa]]: Typical trypomastigote stages (the only stages found in people), with a posterior kinetoplast, a centrally located nucleus, an undulating membrane, and an anterior flagellum. The two ''Trypanosoma brucei'' subspecies that cause [[human trypanosomiasis]], ''T. b. gambiense'' and'' T. b. rhodesiense'', are indistinguishable morphologically. The trypanosomes' length range is 14 to 33 µm, Source: CDC
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  • David Bruce]] recognized the tsetse fly as the arthropod vector.
  •  doi = 10.1186/s13071-015-0851-0 }}</ref>
  • Drawing of a tsetse fly from 1880
Sleeping Sickness; African sleeping sickness; African Sleeping Sickness; Sleep fever; Trypanosomiasis, east-African; Trypanosomiasis, west African; African trypanosomaiasis; African Trypanosomiasis; Human African trypanosomiasis; Sleep illness; Sleeping-Sickness; Human African Trypanosomiasis; African lethargy; Congo trypanosomiasis; Procyclic life stage; Sleeping sickness
tripanosomiasi africana
African American         
  • This parade float displayed the word "Afro-Americans" in 1911.
  • Slaves processing tobacco in 17th-century Virginia, illustration from 1670
  • U.S. Census map indicating U.S. counties with fewer than 25 Black or African American inhabitants
  • <div style="text-align: center">Proportion of African Americans in each U.S. state, the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico as of the 2020 United States Census</div>
  • Black Americans (alone/single race) population pyramid in 2020
  • Native American and African American]] descent.
  • fatal shooting of Philando Castile]] in July 2016
  • ''Slaves Waiting for Sale: Richmond, Virginia'', 1853. Note the new clothes. The [[domestic slave trade]] broke up many families, and individuals lost their connection to families and clans.
  • [[Al Sharpton]] led the [[Commitment March: Get Your Knee Off Our Necks]] protest on August 28, 2020.
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  • Former slave reading, 1870
  • [[Frederick Douglass]], ca 1850
  • access-date=January 26, 2023}}</ref>
  • [[Harriet Tubman]], around 1869
  • [[Masjid Malcolm Shabazz]] in Harlem, New York City
  • [[March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom]], August 28, 1963, shows civil rights leaders and union leaders
  • Dr. [[Martin Luther King Jr.]] remains the most prominent political leader in the American civil rights movement and perhaps the most influential African American political figure in general.
  • [[Michelle Obama]] was the [[First Lady]] of the United States; she and her husband, President Barack Obama, are the first African Americans to hold these positions.
  • Mount Zion United Methodist Church]] is the oldest African American congregation in Washington, D.C.
  • Astrophysicist [[Neil deGrasse Tyson]] is director of New York City's [[Hayden Planetarium]]
  • A group of White men pose for a 1919 photograph as they stand over the Black victim Will Brown who had been [[lynched]] and had his body mutilated and burned during the [[Omaha race riot of 1919]] in [[Omaha, Nebraska]]. Postcards and photographs of lynchings were popular souvenirs in the U.S.<ref>Moyers, Bill. [ "Legacy of Lynching"]. PBS. Retrieved July 28, 2016.</ref>
  • Genetic clustering of 128 African Americans, by Zakharaia et al. (2009). Each vertical bar represents an individual. The color scheme of the bar plot matches that in the PCA plot.<ref name="Zakharia2009" />
  • the reverse trend post-1970]]. Nonetheless, the absolute majority of the African American population has always lived in the American South.
  • BET founder [[Robert L. Johnson]] with former U.S. President [[George W. Bush]]
  • [[Rosa Parks]] being fingerprinted after being arrested for not giving up her seat on a bus to a White person
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  • ban on interracial marriage]] ended in California in 1948, entertainer [[Sammy Davis Jr.]] faced a backlash for his involvement with a White woman in 1957
  • Reproduction of a handbill advertising a slave auction in [[Charleston, South Carolina]], in 1769
  • A traditional [[soul food]] dinner consisting of [[fried chicken]] with [[macaroni and cheese]], [[collard greens]], breaded fried [[okra]] and [[cornbread]]
  •  "[[Lift Every Voice and Sing]]" being sung by the [[family of Barack Obama]], [[Smokey Robinson]] and others in the [[White House]] in 2014
  • [[Racially segregated]] Negro section of keypunch operators at the [[US Census Bureau]]
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  • publisher=U.S. Census Bureau}}</ref>
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africano-americano (americano con radici africane, americano di pelle scura)


sleeping sickness
Sleeping sickness is a serious tropical disease which causes great tiredness and often leads to death.



1679 (MDCLXXIX) was a common year starting on Sunday of the Gregorian calendar and a common year starting on Wednesday of the Julian calendar, the 1679th year of the Common Era (CE) and Anno Domini (AD) designations, the 679th year of the 2nd millennium, the 79th year of the 17th century, and the 10th and last year of the 1670s decade. As of the start of 1679, the Gregorian calendar was 10 days ahead of the Julian calendar, which remained in localized use until 1923.