Africanism$506378$ - traduzione in italiano
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Africanism$506378$ - traduzione in italiano

  • Charleston]]
  • African American English]]
  • Brer Rabbit--
  • [[Candomblé]] ceremony in Itaparica, Brazil
  • Brazilian [[capoeira]]
  • Fulani]] woman. Enslaved Fulani cattle herders introduced European-Americans to the practice of open cattle grazing.
  • Gospel singers]] at the [[Super Bowl LI]] pregame in the United States
  • [[Jamaica]]n man
  • "Root doctors" developed cures for a variety of illnesses in the American South
  • the Carolinas]], including musical instruments, headdresses, and dance steps.
  • Soul Food Deli, Shreveport
  • [[William Sidney Mount]], ''The Banjo Player'', 1856

n. africanismo, cultura africana; termine o espressione in uso in una lingua non africana


¦ noun the principle or advocacy of the political union of all the indigenous inhabitants of Africa.
pan-African adjective



Africanisms refers to characteristics of African culture that can be traced through societal practices and institutions of the African diaspora. Throughout history, the dispersed descendants of Africans have retained many forms of their ancestral African culture. Also, common throughout history is the misunderstanding of these remittances and their meanings. The term usually refers to the cultural and linguistic practices of West and Central Africans who were transported to the Americas during the trans-Atlantic slave trade. Africanisms have influenced the cultures of diverse countries in North and South America and the Caribbean through language, music, dance, food, animal husbandry, medicine, and folklore.