Aida$503086$ - traduzione in Inglese
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Aida$503086$ - traduzione in Inglese

Aida Yûji; Aida Yuji

n. Aida, opera di Giuseppe Verdi; principessa etiope nell"opera Aida


<language> 1. A functional dialect of Dictionary APL by M. Gfeller. ["APL Arrays and Their Editor", M. Gfeller, SIGPLAN Notices 21(6):18-27 (June 1986) and SIGAPL Conf Proc]. 2. An intermediate representation language for Ada developed at the University of Karlsruhe in 1980. AIDA was merged with TCOL.Ada to form Diana. ["AIDA Introduction and User Manual", M. Dausmann et al, U Karlsruhe, Inst fur Inform II, TR Nr 38/80]. ["AIDA Reference Manual", ibid, TR Nr 39/80, Nov 1980]. (1995-04-12)


Aida Yūji

Aida Yūji (会田 雄次, 5 March 1916 – 17 September 1997) was a Japanese historian specialising in the Renaissance. He was active as a conservative thinker, commentator and major exponent of the Nihonjinron. He was born in Kyōto on 5 March 1916. He graduated from Kyoto University in 1940 and had his master's degree in history interrupted in 1943, when he was drafted into the Imperial Japanese Army. He participated in the Burma campaign of 1944 as an infantryman. He surrendered to the British Army at the war's end and was detained at a prisoner-of-war camp in the British colony of Burma. His experiences in the camp are described in his best-selling memoir, Aaron Shūyōjo (1962). Upon his repatriation in 1947, he began to teach at Kobe University. He was appointed full professor at Kyoto University's Humanities Department in 1952. He retired from the University in 1979, when he became an emeritus professor. He died of pneumonia on 17 September 1997.