Albert Munsell - traduzione in Inglese
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Albert Munsell - traduzione in Inglese

Professor Albert H. Munsell; Albert Munsell; Albert H. Munsell; A.H. Munsell; A. Munsell; AH Munsell
  • This image shows the Munsell Color space and the orientation of the hue, value, and chroma dimensions.
  • This wheel shows the principal hues of Munsell Hue. Inside the wheel, the notation for Munsell Hue can also be seen.
  • Several different editions and page selections from the Munsell ''Book of Color''.

Albert Sabin         
  • The CARE/Crawley Building houses the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine.
  • access-date=April 8, 2020 }}</ref>
  • Sabin (right) with Robert C. Gallo, M.D., ''circa'' 1985
Albert Bruce Sabin; Albert B. Sabin
n. Albert Sabin, (1906-1993) microbiologo statunitense di origine polacca pioniere nella ricerca sui virus e malattie virali, gli si deve la messa a punto del vaccino antipolio per via orale
Albert Schweitzer         
  • Postage stamp issued by the Netherlands in 1975 for the 10th anniversary of the death of Albert Schweitzer
  • Königsfeld]] in the Black Forest
  • Albert Schweitzer's house at [[Gunsbach]], now a museum and archive
  • Wagga Wagga]], Australia
  • Schweitzer in 1955
  • The catchment area of the [[Ogooué River]] occupies most of Gabon. [[Lambaréné]] is marked centre left.
  • Albert Schweitzer Memorial and Museum in [[Weimar]] (1984)
  • The Choir Organ at [[St Thomas' Church, Strasbourg]], designed in 1905 on principles defined by Schweitzer
  • Gunsbach parish church, where the later recordings were made
  • Albert Schweitzer's birthplace in [[Kaysersberg]], now in [[Alsace]] in France
  • Schweitzer's grave in Lambaréné, marked by a cross he made himself.
  • Saint-Nicolas]], Strasbourg
  • The cover of Albert Schweitzer's ''The Mysticism of Paul the Apostle''
  • Émile Schneider]] ([[Strasbourg Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art]])
Dr. Albert Schweitzer; Albert Schwiezer; The Problem of Peace lecture by Albert Schweitzer; Albert Schweizer; Schweitzerian
Albert Schweitzer (medico tedesco noto per la sua attività contro la lebbra)
Al Gore         
  • The Clintons and the Gores as Chelsea Clinton rings a replica of the [[Liberty Bell]], 1993
  • President [[George W. Bush]] meets with Al Gore and the other 2007 Nobel Award recipients, November 26, 2007.
  • Gore with the [[20th Engineer Brigade]] in [[Biên Hòa]] as a journalist with the paper ''The Castle Courier''
  • Chris Anderson]] asks: "Will you run again?"<br>Gore replies, "Ohh, you aren't going to get me on this one!"
  • Gore being sworn in as vice president by Supreme Court Justice [[Byron White]] on January 20, 1993
  • Gore speaks during the final day of the [[2008 Democratic National Convention]] in [[Denver]], Colorado.
  • St. Albans School]]'s 1965 yearbook
  • Tipper and Al Gore on their wedding day, May 19, 1970, at the [[Washington National Cathedral]]
  • city hall]] of [[Oslo]], 2007.
  • Gore's speech on Global Warming at the [[University of Miami]] BankUnited Center, February 28, 2007
  • Albert Gore Sr. delivering a speech to the [[1968 Democratic National Convention]] which the younger Gore helped him write
  • In [[Manchester, New Hampshire]], campaigning for President of the United States in 2000
  • Vice President Gore and President Clinton during the [[second inauguration of Bill Clinton]], January 20, 1997
  • Gore and President [[Bill Clinton]] on the South Lawn, August 10, 1993
  • 1992 electoral vote results. The Clinton-Gore ticket won 370–168.
  • 1996 electoral vote results. The Clinton-Gore ticket won 379–179.
  • Gore in 1977
  • President [[Bill Clinton]] installing computer cables with Vice President Al Gore on [[NetDay]] at [[Ygnacio Valley High School]] in Concord, CA. March 9, 1996
  • Gore during his congressional years
  • Gore in 2000
Albert Gore; Albert Arnold Gore/Criticisms; Al Gore/Criticisms; Algore; Albert Gore, Jr; Gore Personal and Political Controversies; Al Gore's opinions; Al Gore Platform; Al Gore's views; Al Gore controversies; Albert Arnold Gore Jr.; Albert A. Gore Jr.; Al gore; Gore, Al; Albert Gore Jr.; Albert A. Gore; Al Gore Jr.; Al Gore, Jr.; Albert Gore, Jr.; Albert A. Gore, Jr.; Albert Arnold Gore, Jr.; Gore, Albert Arnold; Albert Arnold Gore; Al Gore controversies and criticisms; Albert Arnold "Al" Gore, Jr.; The Goracle; Goracle; Al A. Gore; Draft Gore; Al Gore controversy; Popular culture depictions of Al Gore; Draft Al Gore movement; Draft Al Gore; Draft Gore movement; Vice President Gore; Albert Arnold "Al" Gore II; Vice President Al Gore; Algorean; Al Gore III; Albert Arnold (Al) Gore Jr.; Criticism of Al Gore; Al Gore, Jr; A. A. Gore; Sarah Gore; 45th Vice President of the United States; Forty-fifth Vice President of the United States; VP Gore; Prince of Tennessee; The Prince of Tennessee; Al Gore Jr
Al Gore (vice presidente americano nel periodo di Klinton)


·noun Spontaneous generation, so called.
II. Heterogenesis ·noun That method of reproduction in which the successive generations differ from each other, the parent organism producing offspring different in habit and structure from itself, the original form, however, reappearing after one or more generations;
- opposed to homogenesis, or gamogenesis.


Albert Henry Munsell

Albert Henry Munsell (January 6, 1858 – June 28, 1918) was an American painter, teacher of art, and the inventor of the Munsell color system.

He was born in Boston, Massachusetts, attended and served on the faculty of Massachusetts Normal Art School, and died in nearby Brookline.

As a painter, he was noted for seascapes and portraits.

Munsell is famous for inventing the Munsell color system, an early attempt at creating an accurate system for numerically describing colors. He wrote three books about it: A Color Notation (1905), Atlas of the Munsell Color System (1915) and one published posthumously, A Grammar of Color: Arrangements of Strathmore Papers in a Variety of Printed Color Combinations According to The Munsell Color System (1921). The Munsell color order system has gained international acceptance and has served as the foundation for many color order systems, including CIELAB. In 1917, he founded the Munsell Color Company.